Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day One

Never have I been so excited to start my period.  Today I am.  I can now start counting.  Thankfully, I've been keeping track of my periods for nine months and am able, I think, to safely estimate when I can test for my LH surge. 

We leave for vacation on Friday.  I start testing the day we come home and hopefully go for my first IUI shortly thereafter.  Nothing like a little rest and relaxation to start things off right!

 Trying to Conceive Ticker


  1. great idea Laura-Will look forward to reading about the process...
    enjoy your trip!

    Aunt Cindy

  2. How exciting & good luck! I'm going to mention that you may want to consider using the Ovacue fertility monitor (nope it isn't cheap but it works) as it is super accurate and much more accurate than any ovulation test we tried. We got pregnant a month after starting to use the Ovacue and we were doing ICI, so now we get to meet little Reese in November!

  3. Thanks, Aunt Cindy!

    Musheded, thank you for the tip. For the time being I think we'll stick with the cheaper option, but if this goes on for a few cycles I will definitely look into the Ovacue!


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