Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We've only just begun ...

I love watching A Baby Story.  The stories of mothers before, during, and after labor.  It's neatly tied up in a half-hour package.  It never truly covers what leads up to the pregnancy, nor does it cover all that happens afterward, but I love it all the same.  Of course, I'm a labor and delivery nurse ... and that is the part of parenthood that I witness every day at work.  It is the extent of my knowledge of babies and mothers.  That is going to change and soon. 

The process of making our gayby has already begun.  I met with my OB/GYN, did the blood work, got the hysterosalpingogram, found our donor and purchased sperm, and will begin my first course of Clomid this month.  Every test thus far has come back normal.  All that remains is to be inseminated and hope that it works.  I am excited and I am nervous.  My partner is excited.  Apparently, she's over the nervous stage. 

I couldn't have asked for a better partner to raise a child with and I am glad to be at a point in my life where I am finally ready for a family.  At 34, I just shrug and say better late than never.  I'm a late bloomer.

So this is my space to share my experiences, my thoughts, my joys and my fears.  It is a space that may be named on my sexuality and my experience as a lesbian mother, but it will not be defined by these limitations as I believe my experiences will be far more universal.



  1. You go girl... Keep that spirit alive! I'll surely be following this wonderful journey.

  2. Yay!! Thanks for sharing... I look forward to hearing your story :)

  3. Laura- you should be a writer- very well put!

    Perhaps your OBGYN perspective will make for an interesting movie someday? I know someone who does Lesbian Documentary's if you are interested. She's in L.A and Alissa works p/t as a P.A for her.

  4. Awesome, now my life can get interesting living vicariously thru yours! I so miss trying to get pregnant!

  5. Hi there!
    I found your story linked through another 2 mom blog that I follow and notice that you just started blogging and TTC. 1) Welcome to blogland! 2) Good luck on your journey!

    K & I are not quite to the point of actually TTC (does serious, hardcore planning and prepping count?!?), but we (ok, I) blog about our adventures so far. Feel free to stop by! I look forward to following you on your journey!


  6. Cindy, I'm sure you'll hear about it at work too! lol ...

    Matt, I'm glad for the internet for this very reason ... we can keep up with one another moreso than ever!

    Aunt Cindy, thank you. I appreciate the compliment. =)

    Hi A+K! So glad you found me. I've been following your blog for a little while and have enjoyed it! I can definitely appreciate the planning. Momma B and I are all about planning, researching, and analyzing. lol ... Easy to do before baby! =)


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