Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sorry for the delay in posting.  Our house finally sold and escrow closed much faster than expected, so we weren't quite prepared for moving just yet.  Needless to say, the last week has been hectic.

Can I just say here ... I HATE moving!  Yes, I capitalized it, that is how strongly I feel on the subject.  I'll admit, I like the clearing out process, getting rid of old junk that's been weighing down the energy of your space.  I even like the unpacking process, finding a specific place for everything and organizing as I go.  However, I really really dislike packing and the physical move.  It's chaotic and no matter how organized you try to make it, it inevitably never turns out that way.  Something always goes wrong.  *sigh*  Yet here we go.  

The really fun part is, we're downsizing from 2000 sq ft to about 800 sq ft.  I've decided this is good for us.  It's definitely forced us to look at everything we're thinking of packing in a different light.  That shelf we were hanging onto "just in case" we may need it ... gone!  I love it.  The garage sale was a spectacular success because we were able to put out so many of those "some day" items.  Now that was a lot of fun!

As for our future gayby, well, we're onto round two!  Just as I suspected, all those little twinges, and "what-ifs," and phantom symptoms ... all in my head.  Ah well, at least I have a much better idea of the whole process now.  No more need to check the OPK instructions over and over and end up testing too early anyhow.  No more hour long waits at the doctor's office to figure out how to defrost sperm.  We got this!  Gayby, you'll be coming into a family of pros now!

I will definitely post more as soon as the move is over and the internet is back on.  'Til then, wish me luck.  


  1. I thought you liked your house? Why are you moving?

  2. Sarie, we loved this house but it was too much. And it is time for Momma B and I to have something of our own (since she bought this with her ex many moons ago). Time for new memories! =)

  3. Good luck soon to be baby mamas. The wait is totally worth it (Reese will be here in the next month).

  4. You have my sympathies on the moving. It sucks, I agree. I hope it goes relatively smoothly for you, though!

    And good luck on the gayby front!

  5. Congrats, musheded! That must be so exciting. I'll definitely keep up even if only on my iPhone ... Until we get Internet. =)

    Thanks, catsandcradles. It has been a long week, but the moving part is nearly finished (one last load tmw). Now we just have to finish painting and then my favorite part - no that's not sarcasm, I really do love it! - unpacking!! As for little future gayby, well, I just finished Clomid round 2. Woohoo!


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