Monday, October 11, 2010

Negative. Positive.

I took a pregnancy test last night at Momma B's urging.  It was negative.  Why oh why did I listen to her?!  It was far too early to test and I knew it.  But ...

I tried very hard not to let it get to me, but I want this too much.  Initially, I didn't agree with Momma B that this perhaps will lessen the blow if indeed I am not pregnant this month ... however, after some time to think about it, I do actually agree. 

I was able to be sad today and then get past it.  I feel stronger and more resilient as a result.  I think that's very positive!


  1. Wait a second there ladies! Maybe I'm calculating incorrectly but it seems like you only did the IUI 8 days ago? (6 days?)
    Either way, you are WAY too early. You're not likely to get any kind of true results until at least 12dpo. Put those trigger happy tests away! hehe Don't count yourself out just yet...

  2. Oh believe me ... I haven't lost faith! (Okay, maybe a tinsey tiny bit. I won't lie.) I knew we were far too early with testing, but was easily persuaded to try anyhow. So silly. lol ... Friday is the official testing date. Keeping my fingers crossed (and my Clomid prescription ready, just in case).

  3. My best friend was trying to get pregnant and she just looooved peeing on sticks. Apparently the dollar tree has dollar pregnancy tests, and yes they're reliable, and she would stock up! Like, buy 20 each month. And she would pee on them all day, starting at like 8 dpo. And after she discarded the negatives, she would always pull them out of the trash and double check, obsessing over evaporation lines. Once I had to confiscate all of them (because she always got a little sad at a - no matter how early she was testing) and I told her I would bring them back at 10 dpo so she could test on day 11. Of course as soon as I returned them, she peed on a few more. Still too early. Oh well. A couple more dollars lost. Anyway, one month she did get a + on 11 dpo! Long story short, you're not alone, lots of mommas are peeing on everything in sight too. Just A) try not to let it get you down, and B) buy the cheepies at the dollar tree until you get closer to Friday. GOOD LUCK!

  4. Thanks, Megan! Will have to check those out, tho I'll admit I'm a little less trigger-happy since Sunday! lol

  5. Agreeing with 2C1H here...WAY too early! But we all do it. I'm hoping good things for you all on Friday.

  6. Thank you, Nicole! I definitely cannot wait for Friday to finally get here. =)


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