Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One For the Books

As if our adventures with the OPK last night weren't enough, today was full of even more craziness.

Getting an appointment with my doctor was the first obstacle of the day, only to find she was out with a broken arm.  Thankfully, Dr. B put his retirement on hold to fill in for her and agreed to let me in.

With just over an hour before my appointment, I rush to get ready and leave in time to pick up our little swimmers.  When I pull into my parking space, the battery light comes on.  Weird, but okay.  I get out and try to lock my car with the remote.  Nothing.  I open the door and try to lock the car.  Nothing.  I put the key in the ignition.  Again, nothing.  The Tahoe just suddenly, strangely decided to die right there.  Thank goodness Momma B was already on her way to the doctor's office.  I quickly called her just in time to get her to the sperm bank instead.

I pick up my tank and as I'm walking out, another girl is walking in to return hers.  She smiles and tells me, "Good luck!"  I say the same back and can't help but laugh at the absurdity of us walking around with these big @$$ cauldrons for such obvious reasons.  

Momma B and I get to the doctor's office, just in time.  We get called back and the nurse asks if she's my sister.  Uh, no.  Once corrected, she laughs a little too much and goes on about how she can't believe she would ask that.  Afterward, she seems fascinated by our lesbianism.  I don't blame her.  I am too!

Then begins the one hour mayhem of what to do with our frozen sperm.  Apparently, my doctor's office never handles it.  They certainly don't have an incubator on hand.  They usually deal with one doctor and the patients come with the sperm already thawed, or so we were told more times than I could count.  We met nearly half the office during this time as each one came in to tell us just that ... but don't worry, they're working on it!  

Finally, after an hour, Momma B and I are considering just going back to the sperm bank and spending the $300 it would cost for the IUI there.  Thankfully, I think to call them first and find out if there was another way to defrost the little guys without the incubator.  Oh sure, she says, after it's been on the counter for a few minutes (having been in liquid nitrogen, it could burn your skin) just put it in your cleavage to warm it to body temperature and liquify it.  Hmmm ...

Thanks to Momma B and her very toasty girls, we had defrosted, liquifed sperm in less than 10 minutes.  All was smooth sailing from there.  

The amazing thing is, normally most of this would have stressed me out and I would have been a mess.  Yet today, all I could do was laugh and I stayed calm throughout it all.  Very unlike myself.  I still marvel at my placidity.

Somehow, the confusion and shear craziness of the day just leaves me with the feeling that this is the day it's actually going to work.  In my life, it's the crazy days that makes things happen; not the boring, routine days.  Thus, despite logic and, well, pretty much everything you'll read out there ... I really do feel as though we got this on the first try.  Of course, only time will tell.

Either way, our TTC adventures have started off with a bang!  I have a feeling, the fun has only begun.


  1. Wow, such drama! Glad you kept a cool head and definitely hoping all the mayhem brings good luck!

  2. That is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing... I am having fun reading about it all!

  3. Good luck ladies! Hope the procedure was smoother than the lead-up.

  4. Ah yes the huge tanks and fun to lug around, but totally worth it.

    The next two weeks will be the longest of your life...and yes I know because it took us five cycles to get pregnant with baby Reese (coming soon...really soon in just 6 weeks!). Totally worth the patience though :).

  5. Oh yeah, we're already asking each other ... is it time to test yet?! lol ... And, yes, the procedure went really well. Just everything beforehand was a spectacle. =)


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