Saturday, October 30, 2010


The last couple weeks have been quite stressful, enough that I actually have been considering whether or not this month I should even go through with the IUI.  I have questioned the effects of stress in respect to reproducing; does it carry over weeks after? 

According to WebMD there is no known direct link between stress and the ability, or inability, to get pregnant.  However, I think it may be time to start meditating again because "when stress-reduction techniques are employed, something happens in some women that allows them to get pregnant when they couldn't get pregnant before."  I was talking with a friend last night about the use of acupuncture with infertility.  I do trust that acupuncture could help and wish I could afford treatments.  In the past it did help with my depression and stress levels.  There are studies that have shown acupuncture does increase the pregnancy rate.  Massage is also a great stress reducer in addition to increasing the blood flow and energy of the body.  I've wondered the last couple of days if perhaps it would be beneficial to schedule a massage before the IUI this month. 

Honestly, I've been looking into any way I can reduce my stress in general, but this move and my reaction to it has greatly increased my awareness of my body.  I feel now more than last month how important it is for me to take care of myself because in the short term it will benefit our gayby, but obviously in the long term it will benefit our family. 

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