Monday, December 27, 2010

What a Surprise!

This is my first month trying without Clomid.  After today, I'm convinced Clomid was throwing everything off ... I hit my LH surge three days early!  This morning was my first day to start testing (I've always started a little early, just to make sure I didn't miss it, but like clock-work it was on CD16.), it's only CD13.  Let me tell you what a shock it was to see that little smiley face this morning!!  Totally unexpected, totally threw my whole day off, but totally exciting!  

However, I've determined that I am definitely NOT sticking with my current medical group when I get pregnant.  This whole process has been a chore.  First I have to call the appointment line, but because they don't do same-day appointments they take a message to pass along to the OB/GYN nurse that is supposed to call me back.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes not.  When I finally get a hold of them, I schedule an appointment, arrange sperm pick up (which btw LOVE the sperm bank!  Always prompt and efficient and SO nice!) and so everything should be set, right?!  Not quite.  I have an outstanding medical balance - all these tests and appointments aren't cheap - so I've already arranged a payment plan with the financial department.  Yet the doc's office obviously doesn't communicate with the financial department because two months in a row they've had an issue with the balance on my account.  When I come in to check in for my appointment, it takes a lot of time and precious patience to finally figure it all out.  But after all that is sorted through, I find out I don't actually have an appointment listed in the computer ... maybe they just penciled me in?  Luckily, they've never sent me away, but instead I end up waiting nearly an hour in the waiting room for them to finally remember I'm there.

Don't ANY of these people know I'm not supposed to be stressed during this whole process?!  AAAAAAHHHHHHH.

By the time we finally got back to the doctor's room ... and, of course, waited another 15 minutes for him to show up ... I was beyond frustrated after dealing with this the past few hours and I lost it - just started crying right there on the table, pants off, flimsy paper drape on my lap and a full moon shining toward the door.  Joy.  I calmed down quickly enough thanks to Momma B.  Luckily, I also ended up with Dr. Laugh (or so I called him) who also diffused the last of my stress levels with his seriously witty comments.  So as I'm laying on the table waiting my post-IUI 20 minutes, I finally got to smile.  We may have just made a baby.  

Sorry, potential future kiddo, your Momma is a stress case ... May as well learn it now, it'll make your life - and hers - a lot easier.  ;)


  1. Ugh! Sorry for all the stress, but hopefully you'll be able to relax enough for the IUI. Seems like a great way to end the year!

  2. That sounds like a really drawn out process for something that should be routine. Hopefully this is it, though, and you won't need to do it again unless you want to make a little sibling!

  3. Thanks, Nicole and Isa! I'm hoping this is it also. I think it was a fabulous way to end the year ... and, hopefully, will be a even more fabulous way to begin the year!! =)


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