Monday, January 24, 2011

Anniversary Fun and New Plans

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary.  On Saturday, Momma B surprised me with a road trip (my fav!) to L.A. - we spent the day exploring Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and The Getty Museum.  All things I have either not done or love to do.  It was a great surprise, but total gastronomical overload!  Good eats!  I think I gained back the three pounds I lost the week before.

Happy Anniversary to my fearless, beautiful, intelligent, LOVING Momma B!  You have made my life more colorful and I am always amazed at my life with you.  <3

We also spent the weekend discussing our current and upcoming plans.  We asked ourselves, and each other, BIG questions - where we see ourselves in the near and far future.  There is so much we are looking forward to and some BIG decisions that we have to make in order to achieve many of our goals.  

This month and next we have financial obligations elsewhere and as much as we want to go forward with our plans to utilize the RE, we cannot.  Thus we decided to continue trying through our OB/GYN for now, but also go ahead with our plan to add on the Femara next month.  As we're still so early in our TTC journey, we feel good about our decision.  Had we already been trying for as long as we've said we've been trying (hehehe), then we may be a little more anxious to start with the RE and either find a way to make it happen or just wait it out until then.  But, in all honesty, we've done only 3 IUI's - one (soon to be two) without any pharmaceutical assistance.  As much as I may want to add the RE into the equation right now, I'm okay with keeping them in my back pocket for when we're truly ready - physically and financially!

SO ... having said all that, I got a smiley face this morning and a two o'clock appointment with my OB/GYN today!  YAY!


  1. Good luck!! Glad you had a great anniversary!! Ours are always bad timing!

  2. Thx!! Keeping our fingers and hearts crossed. =)

  3. I hope you can spare some time soon for me to meet Momma B! I'd love to put a face (other than pictures) with your other half! Good luck at your appointment. Fingers crossed for both of you!


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