Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't Sleep

I don't really think it's a case of insomnia so much as it is my night-shift work schedule getting the better of me yet again.  I try to sleep at night on my days off, but it doesn't always work so well.  Case in point, tonight ... er, this morning.  

Too bad I don't do anything more useful with this time than scour the internet, but I always do so in hopes that it'll wear me down.  Usually works; not this time.

As I was going through various web searches, I came upon a very well done blog, doozeedad, about a near-deaf mom and a Down Syndrome baby.   It made me start to think about the "what if's" ... how would I handle knowing I was going to have a child with Down Syndrome?  How would Momma B handle it?  How would my view of the world change as my vantage point shifts?  Big questions that I obviously cannot answer without having the situation presented to me, but definitely something to at least ponder.  

In the meantime, it's a thing of wonder and beauty to see one mom show how "normal" DS can be.  And, frankly, her baby is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen!  I've been reading through her blog for the last couple hours.  Yeah.  Hours.  It's that good.  ;)

On her recommendation, I also downloaded a sample of Expecting Adam onto my Kindle.  As I'm currently pursuing a personal goal of reading at least 100 books this year, I'm on the search for good material and this book, like her blog, definitely caught my attention!  


  1. Please share all the good books you find!!!! I love to read!!! :)

    PS-the periods go in the middle of words b/c that way someone who is goog.ling that same word won't see your blog post in the list of results :)

  2. My brother's first son was born with DS so I also read Expecting Adam hoping it would give me some insight on something I knew nothing about. It was awesome and will completely change your outlook on everything. She also wrote a really interesting book about her experience with the Mormon faith that is a must-read.


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