Monday, January 10, 2011


As I was looking through one of my favorite blogs, Mombian, I found this post about COLAGE - an organization that frankly I knew little about.  I've heard of it before, but never really bothered to pursue it.  Now that we're TTC, it takes on an entirely different meaning.  

I enjoyed this video that gives not only the history of the organization, but also some insight into how children of LGBT parents have felt.  I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. I followed your comment on my page to your blog - so glad I found you! Sending you all the baby dust I can spare :)

  2. If you have the money, I recommend getting their Donor Insemination Guide. It's really nice to hear it from the kids' perspective how they feel about their conception.

    Also, I am taking it as a good sign that my word verification is 'belys'. Here's hoping! :)

  3. LOL Isa, I hope that's a good sign for you as well. =)

    I was looking into their Guide, but was confused on what it wanted. I guess for me to donate $$ then I'll get it?!

    Welcome, abmayfield! New friends are always welcome.

  4. Thank you so much for supporting COLAGE y'all! We just launched a new website. We're still working out the kinks, but come over and check it out.


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