Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kittie Love

Lola managed to hold herself together until Friday, when the stress of her week got taken out on some innocent toys and one unsuspecting scratcher.  I think Mikey just lost himself in drink and went to sleep it off.
I love our kitties.  They make me smile sometimes when no one else can.  They've kept me together and sane through some rough times.  They are my babies.  They are my heart. They are our daily entertainment!

They have also been BFFs since they first met - attached at the hip.  I can't believe they're almost four years old.  Is this what watching our kids grow up is going to feel like??  It's so amazing to be a part of their lives ... I can only imagine it will be, probably even more so.  

I love our kitties!  <3

Mikey: "Lets make like fabric softener and Snuggle!"  Lola: "Who is this creep?"


  1. Oh, they're so precious! I love my dogs, but there is nothing in the world like a big, white, kitty-pillow-belly! :)

  2. ok baby gatos! I love kittens! We have 3...which makes us official cat ladies since we have more cats than there are people in our house...but I dont care...I LOVE KITTEHS!

  3. They look so much like our cats binx and ambrose!!! I love cats. they Really are our kids.


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