Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RE To the Rescue

My visit with the RE today went very well.  The MD earned my trust within that first hour of our meeting because of how upfront and honest she was about everything.  

The great news is I learned that fertility-wise, I'm in excellent health!  My OB/GYN never reviewed all my lab work with me nor did she tell me all the tests that were done - I found them all out today.  Luckily, she did at least have me tested for everything I needed.  The RE told me I was very healthy and everything looked ideal for me to get pregnant.

SO ...

My options were laid out: 1) More rounds with Clomid or Femara, but now with an u/s to check follicles and uterine lining, a trigger shot to more precisely time ovulation and IUI, and progesterone suppositories to ensure my LP is adequate for implantation; 2) hormone shots, multiple u/s and blood work to closely monitor hormone levels and thus determine injection dosage is adequate, a trigger shot, and IUI; or 3) IVF.

Option 3 was automatically canceled out.  Momma B and I are not ready for such invasive measures just yet and my RE did not think we were at that point either.

That left us with Option 1 and 2.  Neither of which are cheap.  My insurance doesn't cover all the procedural steps of Option 1 with the RE, only with my OB/GYN, so we will be cash out-of-pocket for the all the RE services.  My insurance does cover 50% of Option 2, but for the RE services only.  The actual injections are out-of-pocket.  So for both the RE services are the same cost.  It's the meds that make Option 2 twice as expensive.  Luckily, they're far less expensive than we thought (the RN called back today to let me know the estimated cost), but it would still make one round of Option 2 twice as expensive as Option 1.

Confusing?!  YES!

Momma B and I talked it over and over.  We're both conservatives when it comes to this whole baby-making process mainly because I AM healthy and there really isn't any reason to be so aggressive just yet.  However, we are willing to be more assertive ... so we're going with Option 1, but with Femara this time around (anyone have experience with this medication?).  

We like the reassurance that Femara has fewer side effects than Clomid.  I love the security of the u/s, trigger shot, and all the monitoring that will be done with the RE.  We also like the lower percentage of possible pregnancy with multiples!  =)

All in all, I feel much more relaxed and confident about the BD process.  I'm so glad to have finally gotten to this point and have the RE.  I feel very good about our chances!  Wish us luck.


  1. Glad to hear you have some plans in motion. In fact, option #1 sounds like exactly what we did. :) In fact, the cycle I got pregnant I used Femara. I didn't notice any side effects with it at all. (Although I didn't notice any with clomid either - except for a thinner lining.) This method worked on the third try for us. :)

  2. Hooray! Glad you had such a positive meeting :)
    I didn't notice any side effects on Femara either. Good luck!

  3. So glad to gear that your RE was so upfront and transparent! Keep us "posted"

  4. Sounds like a great plan! I'm glad you can move forward with more confidence. I think that makes a big difference.


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