Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, it's official, we're moving.  We don't know when yet, but we definitely know where - to my hometown.  Luckily, Momma B and I both have family there, so it will be wonderful in that respect (especially since I haven't lived near any family for 11 years now).  Unfortunately, that also means we'll be leaving Momma B's parents in the midst of our baby journey.  As much as that may hold us back, we also know we have to do what is best for our current and future family.  Where we'll be going in NorCal will not only pay us both more career-wise, but the cost of living is less than here in San Diego.  It's a win-win, really.  

I guess what makes this all real is that I submitted my first resume tonight, er, this morning.  I would have submitted more, but the other websites were down for maintenance (ah, nighttime ... when most people, and computers, are sleeping).  I'm not nervous, anxious, or freaked out.  In fact, I feel surprisingly calm and excited.  That can only mean good things!  *Keep your fingers crossed that I hear back from them.*

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Sunday we went for a late afternoon picnic with Momma B's cousin and her partner.  It was so much fun hanging out, grilling and eating, playing Frisbee, and watching the sunset.  (I made a pasta salad that Momma B said was orgasmically good - who wouldn't love that compliment?!  LOL)  The perfect laid-back Valentine's.  San Diego is truly beautiful.  We will miss it so much!  

Perfect picnic day in San Diego!

As for our TTC, I'm currently in the midst of OPK fun.  So far no smiley faces, but should be any day now.  Good thing I'm not stressed!  We need calm momma's for babies to be made.  Hopefully it will happen before we leave for Catalina Island on Friday.  How wonderful would it be to have our next IUI right before a gorgeous weekend getaway?! 


  1. Wow, big move! Seems like there's quite a bit of that in blogland. It sounds like you're going for all the right reasons, even though I'm sure the change will be hard. Can't wait to hear about all the moving adventures!

  2. wahhh... we'll surely miss you in birch =(

    ... though, still happy for your decision.

  3. Oh! You know all about NorCal, SA-weet! :) Good luck on the move! ~ Jen


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