Saturday, February 19, 2011


I will never complain about working the night shift again, at least not anytime soon.  For the next two weeks I'm cross-training to another department as a requirement for my job, but I'll be working basically 9 to 5.  As I think about what I need to get done in the coming weeks, I am getting more and more frustrated because I cannot get any of it done until my Friday off.  How do all of you daytime people do it?  The beauty of working nights is that I can always schedule something and nap around it.  There is little I cannot get accomplished.  (Okay, well, before I discount day shifts altogether, I have to say one of the joys of being a nurse are the 12 hour shifts and, thus, the three day work weeks.  So maybe one day ...)

But can I vent about one more thing?  President's Day.  Great, it's our founding father's birthday, but seriously does it have to shut down my doctor's office?  Federal and state offices, okay whatever, but the doctor's?!  I think it's just an excuse to get a day off!  ;)

Because of this silly holiday, we thought we would miss the BD this month.  I am not willing to miss another month, so we contemplated our other options.  I thought, why can't we do an at-home insem this month?  Momma B got very excited at the possibility of performing this spermy act.  However, our current donor does not have ICI vials available.  Hmmm, another bump.  So I asked, what if we look into other donors?  The sperm bank has an exchange program and I have heard that sometimes it takes actually using different sperm to get a BFP!  

Well, we looked and looked ... and we found a new donor!  One that I think we actually like better than the first.  (Would it be creepy to post the baby pic of our donor?)  Thankfully, Momma B's name is on my account at the sperm bank so she can go in this week and make the exchange.  And then when I get home, woohoo!  ;)

I'm expecting a smiley face any day.  The last few days I've felt random moments of cramping on both sides.  That is a first.  I keep POAS, but according to my iPeriod I should be OV tomorrow.  So we'll see.  

And this month, I'll be taking the progesterone suppositories.  As much as I'm not looking forward to the mess, I am very excited that my LP should finally be the right length of time.  

Oh this is a good month.  I refuse to get my hopes up too high, but you know how you can just feel something different in your bones, in the air?!  Okay, maybe I'm just overly enjoying the rainy day, but I'll attribute it to the fertility vibes in my world. 


  1. I wish you luck!
    We got pregnant after switching donors. :) I think sometimes chemistry really does play a role in things. Maybe this one is the one for you!

  2. definitely hoping that this is your month!!! (and, ps, my captcha code is 'boyling' so maybe it'll be a son?)

  3. good luck!

    as for days, i don't see them. i miss them. i think i would like a nurse's schedule.

  4. aww thx everyone. we're keeping our fingers crossed too!

    pom ... yeah, some ppl think i'm crazy because i love working nights, but it really works for me (and for momma b)! =)


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