Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always Waiting

If it's not TTC, then it's about a job ... or ... now a house.  Did you know how much I dislike, no, despise waiting?!  I'm just not good at it.  Whoever said patience is a virtue sure was on their high horse that day ... it's seriously overrated.

On a side note: our whirlwind trip truly was just that.  Through rain, sleet, and for a brief few minutes snow ... such craziness.  I really liked the house, the owners, the neighborhood, etc.  I'm trying so very hard not to want it so much.  I'm failing at that too.

In other news: it's that time of month again ... POAS.  Woot woot!  Should be seeing that cute little smiley face soon. 


  1. The house sounds like it might be perfect!!!! When do you hear if you got it/decide if that's the home you want???
    PS: isn't it nice to move to a lesser cost of living and get a nice boost in pay??
    PPS: WOOOOOOT for Hawaii!!!!!

  2. We're supposed to hear back within the next day or two. I've already decided I want it. ;)

    And definite WOOT for Hawaii! I can't wait.


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