Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hiking, er, Walking?

One of the things Momma B and I are really looking forward to when we make the big move up north are all the hiking trails and lakes.  Here in San Diego, other than the ocean, there isn't much water.  Now don't get us wrong, we love the beach, but we really only go when we take the doggies to Dog Beach (either in Ocean Beach or Coronado).  But neither of us really care for salt water nor do we like swimming in San Diego's ocean ... too much seaweed and dark murky waters.  

On the other hand, Momma B is a sucker for fresh water - creeks, rivers, or lakes, oh my!  Of all the reservoirs here in San Diego, only one allows swimming.  All the others are off-limits.  No fun.  So far from what we've researched, not so in NorCal.  Momma B is overjoyed.  

Today we went to the Sweetwater Regional Park down in Bonita.  It was really green and the weather was a gorgeous 71 degrees ... the perfect day for a hike.  BUT there was no hiking to be had.  The trail was near to impossible to find and what little of it we did discover was far from the water.  So it was a walk really, not a hike, but nonetheless it was beautiful to see the hills so green and to enjoy the outdoors.  

Still looking forward to those trails up north though ... my hiking boots are laced and ready to go.  I miss the forests.  I miss the mountains.  Soon, shoes!  Soon.

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