Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Pressure

This month we'll be using our last vial of donor sperm ... at least out of this first round that we purchased.  However, we need to save up some more before we can purchase the next round.  Hopefully, that next batch will all be for Momma B, but we'll see.  Of course, we also need to save up because if I do need to go for round #7, then it'll be at the RE with the injections and that's going to take even more money.  The harsh reality of TTC. 

We're taking a two-week trip to Hawaii at the end of April.  Though we're excited to go, especially me as I've never been, it's also an expensive trip.  Taxes weren't kind to either of us this year, so it's ended up taking far more out of our pockets than originally expected.  Thus, TTC has to take a detour because of these expenses.

Ah well.  Here's hoping this month is the magic month.  I started a daily meditation program by Circle+Bloom.  It has already helped keep me calm and positive, which is exactly what I needed after the sad place I went to after this last BFN.  I especially need it with all the big changes going on.

I'm waiting to hear back about a job offer for a position in Northern California.  I have an interview for another position tomorrow morning.  Plus I heard back from yet another position today that my resume is going to be forwarded to the nurse manager.  Things are happening a little faster than we thought they would, but it's only good news.  

Momma B and I are so excited to begin this new chapter in our lives.  We look forward to living somewhere that has so many benefits for us.  

A little bit of stress management is good for me, especially with so much going on, but it's also a necessity.  This feels like a great month already.  No pressure though, right?!  

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  1. OMG! We're the SAME PERSON! Only not, because your vial is totally going to work! Good luck with the interviews! I'm going to click over to that meditation link now--it sounds like the perfect thing to do...


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