Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home?

I feel so out of touch with blogland right now, but I'm here and finally getting a chance to check-in.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch up with everyone.  I've missed a lot, I'm sure.

Living back near my hometown after 20 years is surreal.  Everything is familiar, yet so different.  I became so much of a SoCal girl living down in San Diego the last 11 years.  I'm used to speedy driving, always getting on the freeway, and faster-paced living.  Life moves a little slower up here.  I think, ultimately, this will be a very good thing, but right now it's an adjustment.

We are slowly getting the house unpacked.  It's a little slower than I would like because first I got sick, then passed it along to Momma B.  Plus so much socializing!  Between my family, Momma B's family, and some awesome new friends we made (right here in blogland, no less!) we've been very busy, well, visiting.  As an introvert this is a mixed blessing.  I love seeing everyone, catching up, getting to know new friends and my family all over again.  Yet, as an introvert, being around people so much can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.  Though physically we may not have done much, I still feel as tired as if we'd just run a marathon.  I'm looking forward to a day at home tomorrow to just recharge and relax.  Then I'll be ready to go out and see more people!!

We drove by the duplex and the house I grew up in - what a strange thing to see a place that was your world as a child through an adult's eyes.  More bad memories than good, unfortunately, but as I told Momma B it's like I'm being given a chance to create positive, happy memories to replace the negative ones.  That makes me feel very good.  

I start my new job in a week.  I'm nervous and excited.  It's a long orientation, but somehow that makes me feel a little better.  It's funny because once most people find out where I'm working I end up hearing either how wonderful the hospital is or how they think they know someone that works there (but it's always a question of if they work there or somewhere else ... it's rather amusing).  To work at a place with such a great reputation makes me proud though.  I'm happy to continue my career here.

Another exciting thing is, I found out that UC Davis has a master's program in Maternal and Child Nutrition.  If I ultimately decide to focus on lactation and working as a lactation consultant, this would be a perfect way to go.  So many possibilities lie before me.  

As for TTC, we'll be waiting a couple few months before we get to start again, but I'm now on Momma B's insurance which, surprisingly, has better coverage than mine did.  And Momma B was so cute the other day because she told me she's anxious to start again because our new blogland-turned-real life friends are starting their TTC journey and how fun would it be for us to be pregnant together?!  I love that woman!  So here's hoping July is the lucky month!!  

I leave you with a picture of our new "backyard" ... less than five minutes from us.  Beautiful!  

Old Fair Oaks Bridge on the American River


  1. miss you girlie in birchland ... glad you're settling in well... keep us updated, and still silently stalking your blog page =)

  2. As a fellow introvert, I, too, get exhausted by socializing. Managing your energy can be such a balancing act! Good luck to both of us when the babies come...

  3. I've been wondering about you guys! Thanks for the update :)ou

  4. Wow, that's lovely! I wish it were in my backyard! Moving home always inspires lots of socializing--I was surprised by how often we see my parents (who live 1.5 hours away)now that we're in the area. Hopefully you'll be able to get settled in and have some time for yourselves once the thrill of having you nearby abates a little.

  5. I feel like a celebrity being mentioned twice in your blog! haha I am so happy everything is falling right into place for you guys, you absolutely deserve it! Life will settle very soon, you'll see. Especially once your Brea officially moves up here which is so soon! Enjoy this week and I cannot wait to hear how orientation and the new job is going. I'm sure it's going to be great. Looking forward to our futures together and it looks rather bright! ;)

  6. Glad to hear you guys are settling in and that there are so many exciting things happneing for you!! Your new job sounds wonderful...I miss my NICU days! And, HOORAY for meeting up with blogfriends IRL!! :)

  7. When I saw that pics I was so excited!! I read a lot of ttc lesbian blogs but never see anyone from this area!! It makes me happy to know there are other lesbian couples in Sacramento! I haven't commented before because I am more of a lurker but I will make a special point of it from now on. Congrats on the move!!


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