Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy News

Momma B and I only had to spend one whole, long, distressing week apart.  BUT thankfully just that week.  She started her new position here this week.  We were unsure of how long it would take for her to be transferred ... unsure if we should hold out for a promotion first.  We kept estimating 2 - 3 months, but now we don't have to worry about any of that!  Momma B is here safe and sound ... she also brought some doggies with her.  

Malakai says:  This is our new home, Momma?!

Life is settling in nicely.  I am done with orientation at work and start back on the floor Tuesday.  It's going to be interesting to transition to night shift again.  Hopefully it's easier than it's been trying to get used to day shift.  Getting up so early in the morning has been kicking my ass!  

The good news is we're not waiting until July to start TTC again.  Now that I'm on Momma B's insurance and we have some $$ coming in again, we're ready to get going.  Does seeing our friends TTC journey begin encourage us?  Yes.  It's wonderful being here to support them along the way.  I get excited for them, count the days with them (whether they know it or not), and am sad with them.  It's amazing to see the process through an outsider's perspective.  Does seeing my brother's new baby encourage us?  Yes.  Holding a newborn in your arms is one of the most beautiful experiences and it's even more beautiful when it's family.  Babies are perfect: soft, cuddly, and smell so good.  Did my clock start tick tick ticking away!  But, yes, all of this also makes me that much more excited to start again.  

On the agenda - calling the insurance company to find out which RE in the area is covered.  Finding out if I have to get a referral from my primary physician first.  All the fun stuff.  According to my iPeriod, I have two weeks to get all these phone calls, possible referrals, and appointments done.  I'm hoping we can make it happen in time!  

Happy news.  Happy day! 


  1. Yay a blog!!! We have been waiting for one!

    Such happy news!!! Can't wait to be going through it all together!

    And we do know that you are counting with us, and LOVE it!

  2. I love it when people bring doggies! And also that you are back in the same place and ready to start up TTC again sooner than expected!


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