Friday, May 20, 2011


Being on Momma B's insurance has been a blessing mostly, but this week it's been more of a pain.  Her, er, our insurance has great coverage for fertility - far better than what I had before.  The RE has a wonderful staff that deals with all this insurance stuff so I don't have to do much.  So ... 

I get a call on Monday stating that I have to call the insurance company to get registered to ensure that the RE is covered.  The insurance company tells me registration is optional.  But when I call the RE back to let them know that, I'm told the insurance company may say that, but they often won't cover everything without the pre-approval.  Okay.  

I call the insurance company back to register.  I answer all the questions and get through the interview with flying colors, until ... I'm told I have to have my records faxed to them so they can verify "sperm meeting egg."  Yeah, since we're not a heterosexual couple they have to ensure we've actually been doing IUI treatments and injecting sperm into my body.  WTH?!  So if we were straight, they would just take our word for it??  Frustrating!!  Okay.  

I fill out the HIPPA forms for my former OB/GYN and fax them over.  The records office calls me later that day to tell me they cannot fax them to the insurance company without a name to send it to since it's such a large company.  Really?  With my member ID and a department specific fax number?  Of course, this happens right before I'm supposed to get ready for work - my first night shift in over a month - so I can't deal with any of it until today after I woke up.  Oh yeah, this time he accepted my explanation without question.  

Thankfully the RE is not going to charge me the full non-insured rate even though we're still awaiting approval from the insurance company.  They're wonderful.  And not frustrating.

Ah well.  If this is as annoying as it gets, I'm good!  We're all set to go on Monday.  I'm very excited.  

On a side note: I'm pretty sure I ovulated today.  I haven't cramped this much since I took the Femara those last two months.  Made me smile - even my body is excited and ready. 

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  1. Super frustrating, but you made it through it rock star! Way to go! So lame about having to prove ourselves, but we do what we gotta do to prove ourselves so we can achieve our dreams, right?! ;) I am SO excited for you two; it's gonna be great to be able to go through this together.


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