Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RE Round Two

Our appointment is set up for next week.  All my records should be faxed over and, hopefully, everything that needs to be done has been.  Yet from what it sounds like, there is more to come.  I should receive the paperwork tomorrow and will learn more then.  One interesting thing that I still don't completely understand is that this RE requires everyone using sperm and/or egg donation to meet with a social worker.  Not that I mind, I am just unsure why; I think it may just be a prerequisite to ensure those of us going through this process know what's in store?

I wish I did know what is in store for us.  I wish we could've been one of those couples that got pregnant right away.  I wish I knew how many more rounds we have ahead of us.  But these are things that are out of my control and I am okay with that.  There is still excitement in the process.  I still get butterflies thinking of all that lies before us.  

Thankfully, Momma B will be there with me to meet with the RE this time.  I know she's involved and supportive no matter what, but I feel so much more bonded with her when she's there through each step.  Last time I didn't feel too attached to the idea of sticking with the RE in part because Momma B hadn't been there with me to hear the information and interact with the doctor.  This time already feels different and for that I'm very glad!

Momma B and I are still finishing up our home because we get very distracted from the domestic things by the social opportunities that abound here: my family, Momma B's family, our friends ... No matter how much of an introvert I may be, I still can't get enough of each one of them.  I've missed my family tremendously.  I'm enjoying getting to know Momma B's family.  And I'm especially excited to bond more and more with our friends - particularly since they are just beginning their TTC journey.  What an amazing change in our lives.  To have close friends that are trying to start a family at the same time we are is remarkable, we no longer feel so alone in our goals and dreams.  J and N are loving, amazing women and our lives are enriched because of them (and I know the lives of our children will be all the better as well).  

Tomorrow is my first day back on night shift, back on the floor.  I'm so nervous - everything is so different.  I'm also very excited because everything is so different!  There an entirely new aspect of care that I have to learn (postpartum) and, of course, procedures and policies for everything I'm experienced in is not like what I'm used to.  It's a challenge, but I'm ready.  Everyone I've met there thus far has been very friendly and very inviting.  I feel so welcomed already.  Definitely no better way to start.  

J and N drove around with us the other day looking at model homes.  We went to a town that used to feel so far away to me when I grew up here, but now with the way everything has grown it's not so far at all.  We happened upon one model home randomly, but what a lucky find!  It was love at first sight - for all four of us.  I now have a picture in my mind of our goal.  THAT is the house I'm, er, we're working toward!  It's not only a home, but an area that I can see our family begin and grow.  I'm very excited by that, but am even more excited to have something more concrete to work toward.

Slowly, but surely our dreams are coming true.  It sounds so corny to see that written out, but yet it is that simple.  Life IS good.


  1. Our RE had us go to a therapist as well, but I found out that it's required by the state of Colorado that anyone using third party eggs/sperm has to go to the therapist.

    At first i was ticked off because I thought it was only because we were lesbians.

    Congrats on getting started!

  2. I think it's just to make sure you've thought through how to explain it to the child later. We managed to avoid the counselor with our RE, but I've been thinking about calling anyway just to see what she actually says. Congrats on finding the perfect house to work for, and on have IRL friends who will be on the journey with you!

  3. State of Illinois requires counseling, too. It was a waste of time, in our experience. Nothing scary.

  4. Thanks for letting me know we're not alone on this! I was wondering if this was something exclusively through this RE or what.

    Thankfully it's only one meeting. It shouldn't be too bad.


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