Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hormonal Much?

Doesn't seem to matter what I'm watching, but every time a child comes on and does something even remotely cute I start to cry. WTH?! Tears here, tears there - absolutely no control.

Baby pictures posted by friends on Facebook? Waterworks. A child goes onto the next round on America's Got Talent? Major cry fest. See twins pass by in a stroller with their parents? My eyes well up. No amount of dry summer heat helps keep it secret either.



  1. All you can do is keep tissues at hand, I guess. . . :)

  2. You're kinda cute when you're emotional! ;) Seriously, you're one of the best friends we've ever had... hope that doesn't make ya cry haha!

  3. LOL ... thanks, pugmama. glad i carry them with me most places!

    AWWW, thanks, jen. you did almost make me cry. i <3 you girls.


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