Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pain in the Uterus

I sat down to merely tell you all about my hysteroscopy, but then I realized just how much has happened in the last week.  So instead, you get this wonderfully long-winded account!  Enjoy.

First, I started on birth control pills. I don't feel different, but yet somehow it still feels different taking those little white pills every day.

Then, we met with the IVF nurse and went over all the consent forms, all the required lab work, and then - ta*da - the schedule! There is something nearly magical about that little piece of paper. Granted, there are no set in stone dates because it's all dependent upon when my next cycle starts ... but I don't care, I put all those tentative dates into my calendar anyhow. I love pulling up that calendar online and seeing all those entries. Makes my uterus swell with happiness.

This morning I met with the acupuncturist. This woman has amazing energy - so grounded, so genuine and sweet. I enjoyed just sitting and talking with her. She felt my pulses and told me I really need to take it a little easy and stop spreading myself so thin - focus on myself more. She told me to continue with yoga, to start my meditation tape again, along with some other suggestions. Unfortunately - well, unfortunate for me that is - she also went over how coffee adversely affects fertility and it was enough to scare me off the stuff for now (though I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to make it for long ... maybe I'll have to wean myself rather than go cold turkey?). She also discussed the moxie sticks, but since I'm not like most women and run hot rather than cold she said it wouldn't be appropriate for me. The treatment itself was actually far more relaxing than what I'd experienced before - I had toasty foot pillows to keep my toesies warm, an infrared light above my legs to keep my bare legs and belly warm, and warmed lavender pillows for my eyes. It was almost as good as a massage. Almost.

Then it was time to head over the RE's and get the hysteroscopy. I went in and talked with a different RE, not our beloved Dr. M (it was his day off), then was taken back to a room for my meds (I got a Valium, a Vicodin, and a Toradol shot) and we waited for about ten minutes while I got to eat crackers. We were then taken to another room for an ultrasound, where the female RE - Dr. A - was super rough with the dildo-cam and I laid there hoping that was not an indication of how the larger procedure was going to go. I got dressed again and we were taken to yet another room where the hysteroscopy was actually going to take place. The nurse told us we'd only have to wait about twenty minutes while the meds reached their full potential, but we ended up waiting nearly an hour as Dr. A "got stuck on a phone call". The only good part of that is all the awesome video footage Momma B got of me all looped out on Valium. Was I a riot! I guess we were laughing really loud in that little room and I kept talking about my vagina. Good times. Those videos will be a family favorite for years to come!

As for the procedure - in a word: PAIN! Dr. A let me down because she was rough, rough, rough again. The speculum was either too big or not lubed enough, I don't know, I wasn't down there to see, but that alone nearly made me cry. Then did a Pap smear, okay, that was okay ... but the actual hysteroscopy was horribly painful. She injected water as she went to make the uterus clear to see, but Valium/Vicodin/Toradol cocktail be damned, I couldn't hold back the tears. Yet the worst part was not the actual procedure, but the cramping that happened afterward. It felt like my uterus clamped down and twisted around itself. I'd never felt pain like that and I couldn't figure out how to lay to make it better. The nurse came back to check on me and said it should be getting better, but it wasn't ... it got SO much worse! When I finally got to sit up a little and the water drain more it did start to subside. Talk about sobering up in a hurry. Not cool. Thankfully, everything was clean and clear as a whistle so, in a way, it was worth it.

*BIG sigh of relief*

I wasn't supposed to drive myself home, but at the time I felt fine ... however, I came home and barely finished eating before I passed out cold. Yeah, perhaps that wasn't my best idea to date.

We had a great night with our besties - I got the steak I was so craving all day, the drink I needed, and the best company a girl can ask for ... Thank goodness, a great end to a nearly great day.


  1. G felt awful after her hysteroscopy and she took a 800mg of Motrin :(

  2. Ugh! I'm sorry it hurt so much! but glad that everything is clear and ready to go--I'm totally jealous of your schedule, too!


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