Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Later this morning is my first beta hCG test.  The only disappointment I've had in this RE office is with this test as I am supposed to have one drawn today and another on Friday, but neither are ran until Friday and that will be when I get the results.  They say it's because it's far more accurate if ran with the same blood assay, but most every where else doesn't worry about this so I don't know why they do.  Seems kind of cruel to me.  I think I'm going to beg, demand, throw a fit that they run the test today.  I simply cannot wait anymore - I really am barely hanging by a thread.

Today I moped and stayed in bed most of the day since yet another HPT was BFN.  What has me the most worried is that so many of the "symptoms" I felt over the weekend are gone.  Yeah, my sense of smell is still heightened and my boobs are still bigger, but they no longer hurt and that is completely attributable to the progesterone shots and suppositories - it means little to me.  I tried to hold onto the tentative hope I had last night, but I just couldn't.  

Seems to me if today's beta test is negative, then we can cancel out Friday's, grieve and move on to the FET.  I need to know because this limbo stage is killing me more than than the thought that this IVF cycle was a failure.

Monday, July 25, 2011


And I'm getting nervous, I have to admit.  I'm trying very hard not to want this too much, not to misinterpret "symptoms," ... not to lose hope when it's still early.  Why have I POAS since 6dp3dt?!  Because I really wanted to be able to tell Momma B's family in person if I were lucky enough to see a BFP so early on.  BUT it was just that - too early.  And though I feel the disappointment and the oncoming nervousness, I still believe in these little embries and continue to talk to them and encourage them to keep growing.  I so hope they're still in there listening!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Frosties

Two.  Out of the 14 remaining embryos only two made it to the blastocyst stage for freezing. I'm thankful for those two, but I have to admit I'm a little surprised.  Guess I thought with the numbers starting off so high they would remain high, but you know?  I'm happy with the four we have - the two in my belly and the two now sitting happy and frosty at the clinic.  I'm positive at least one of them will decide to turn into a giggly, snuggly infant.  

Here is the current fate of our two little ones.

Everything smells so strong today.  Strange.

On a non-TTC related note:  I always want to make individual comments back to each and every one of you that say something to each of my entries, but I always wonder if you get those replies?  I know I don't always see if anyone replies to the comments I leave on others' blogs and I often wonder if I'm missing some option that allows this.  Can someone, anyone, let me know if I'm just totally oblivious.  Thanks.

The End of Boredom

Yes!  I made it through three days of bed rest.  I truly thought I'd enjoy laying around on my butt all day - watching movies, eating/drinking, reading books - because deep down I'm essentially a lazy girl, but I was over it by the end of Sunday night!  I have to admit I wasn't the best patient either.  My offenses: 
  • I couldn't stay laying down and sat often
  • I walked up and down the stairs countless times because I kept forgetting stuff that I wanted
  • I lifted over five pounds frequently (in the form of our 10- and 14-pound kitties)
  • I slept on my stomach
  • I cleaned the kittie boxes (although, in my defense, I wore rubber gloves while doing so)
  • I didn't always take my medications on time (definitely never at the same time - I'm terrible at those things, despite the multiple alarms on my phone)

Now all of these things may or may not be that big of a deal.  I'm obviously hoping not since I really want to be pregnant this time around!  

The next few days are going to be a bit busy though as we get ready to go back to San Diego for Momma B's brother's wedding this weekend.  Tomorrow I need to go shopping for their gift and a dress for the occasion.  Thursday I'm getting my hair done and I have to work that night.  Friday we're driving down and thus begins a crazy busy weekend full of visiting friends and family before we drive back home on Monday.  

I can only hope it helps the 2ww go by so much quicker.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Things That Stick

  • Bubblegum
  • Glue
  • Honey
  • Tape
  • Bread dough

Our Day 3 Transfer went well today.  Okay, after a minor freakout first thing this morning.  I was up most of the night with my stomach and intestines twisting all around themselves.  No fun.  By the time the embryologist called at 7:23 this morning, I was exhausted and miserable - not exactly how I wanted to feel when it was time to introduce new life into my body.  Add to that my confusion regarding 3-day versus 5-day transfers and my trepidation that Dr. A was the one on-call for the weekend and would be doing my transfer ... yeah, it probably comes as no surprise that yet again I burst into tears.  Nothing Momma B could tell me was right or could make me feel better because I was so wrapped up in my anxiety.  I tried to just breathe through the drive to my acupuncturist's and, thankfully, by the time we got there I felt as though I was able to fight off most of my fears (thanks, in part, to replaying parts of my meditation tape in my head and to N sending me positive messages via text).  After half an hour laying on the bed with needles sticking out of random parts of my body, I was finally smiling.  My tummy was still unhappy, but at least it was a quiet discontent rather than the raging hurricane it had been all night.  I had to apologize to Momma B because I was being so irrational and crabby - poor thing, she puts up with so much from me!  But she's my rock, my everything, and she continued to be so.

As we sat waiting to be called back, I couldn't help but try and look up information about the possible difference and/or advantages of transfer days.  On most forums there were people mainly talking about getting 5-day transfers done (not so many 3-day transfers), but when I finally started looking into medical journals and more "legit" websites, I started finding the actual research.  And, you know what?!  There is no difference.  Dr. A put it this way: I essentially had 16 viable embryos growing, but only four of them had already formed into 8-cell embryos.  Of those four, only three of them had gone from a 4-cell to an 8-cell which is what they expect to see.  Though the other one was an 8-cell Grade 1 and looked beautiful and more than likely wouldn't develop abnormally, it still didn't progress the way they expect so it was put off the list for now.  Of the other three, only two were perfect 8-cell Grade 1 embryos.  The other had some slight fragmentation that pushed it down to a Grade 2, but still an option for transfer.  The other 14 little embries were taking their time and though still developing as expected they did not jump ahead of the pack like those four - show offs!  Thus Dr. A said with these embryos already displaying such perfect qualities there really was no need to wait until day 5, especially since they would be much happier in my uterus than in some little dish in the lab.  She also explained that though the numbers do in fact show a bit more success with day-5 transfers, the numbers were also skewed because 1) day-5 transfers have become so much more commonplace and 2) often day-3 transfers do not consist of perfect 8-cell Grade 1 embryos, but rather those other slower, smaller kids that are often in far more limited quantity and may not make it to day-5 at all. In fact, it seems the choice was far easier and made for us - just like natural selection should be - today because by day-5 there will probably be far more to choose from.  
Note:  I'll admit, I got caught up on transferring on day 5 because that is what is all over the forums and what I keep reading about more and more.  The less information and, admittedly skewed information, regarding day 3 transfers was scaring me and making me weary.  Whereas Momma B felt better about doing it today and not day 5 because these two embryos have already proven themselves to be the best of the best; by day 5 we could have a lot of the slower ones forming blastocysts that may actually not be such great quality.  Either way, it seems to be a hot topic among the IVF crowd.  I don't know which day is better, but I'm happy with the information we received and I'm happy with transfer.  Who knows if we'll be successful with this one or if it would've worked better at day-5.  As Dr. A said, even for them, it's all kind of a guessing game no matter what grading systems are in place.  This is where nature takes over.
Dr. A also said she didn't feel we needed to worry about assisted hatching either due to my young age, my lack of fertility issues, and because the shells of those little embryos were not abnormally thick.  She also said she would be reluctant to place all three of the potential 8-cell embryos because of the risk of triplets+.  We wholeheartedly agreed and decided to move forward with our two perfect little ones.  Hopefully, we'll get good news on Wednesday and find out we have at least 2 or 3 or 5 embries to freeze.  (Hey, though I love the stellar ones, I still root for the underdogs.)

Now I know this may sound silly, but I had a dream awhile ago that I wasn't able to get pregnant because I didn't have any lucky striped socks during the transfer.  Yeah, totally superstitious and doesn't make any sense, but the idea got stuck in my head.  What I've found throughout this entire TTC journey is that superstition doesn't sound so ridiculous or crazy anymore.  So I went with it and found some awesome socks and, yep, they were there for the transfer!

After some Valium, another hour-long session of post-transfer acupuncture, and a five hour nap at home I am now very well rested!  I don't work again until Thursday, so I have plenty of downtime to let these little ones do their thing - hatch and attach!

In other news, Momma B did an excellent job with the Progesterone shot this morning!  Our awesome IVF nurse talked her through it and I never felt a thing.  I think she's a natural.  However, I'm over taking all these pills.  My gag reflex is kicking in hardcore.  Luckily the antibiotic and the steroid are almost done, but why can they not make an effective prenatal vitamin that is smaller and more palatable?  Or an Omega pill for that matter?  Unfortunately I think I'm gonna have to add a stool softener to that mix now too.  Awesome.  

Other things that are sticky:
  • Stickers
  • Caramel
  • Peanut butter
  • Post-It Notes

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy Bake Oven

That's what I hope to be soon, but in the meantime I'm making chocolate chip cookies at midnight instead.  The 2WW has already begun and it's already making me anxious.  We don't even know if the transfer will be later this morning or Tuesday.  

I'd better go listen to my Circle+Bloom relaxation tape to try and settle down for the night and get some sleep before the morning hits.  I mean, I called in sick to work to make sure I had a well-rested uterus.  That means I actually need to get rest, yeah!?!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just WOW!

Of the two dozen they extracted on Thursday, 22 of them were mature eggs and 17 of those were fertilized via ICSI.  17!!  Just wow!

We are tentatively set up for a Day 3 Transfer on Sunday morning, but the embryologist will call me early that morning to let me know if there are any gold stars in the bunch or if there are just too many to tell at that point - in which case we go on to wait for a Day 5 Transfer on Tuesday.  

Courtesy of NCFMC
Though these miraculous embryos are growing outside of my body, I'm connected to them and anxious to know how they're doing.  Trying to wrap my head around the shear number of them is too difficult though.  I mean, there is still some random natural selection occurring as the embryologists look to see which ones have no cell fragmentation and they are very even, regular, and similarly sized.  The grading system exists for a reason, but that doesn't mean the others wouldn't form into perfectly normal, beautiful little babies as well, right?!  It's interesting to think about ... what if we picked this one and this one, but not that one. Are they all given the same chance?  Far too heavy a topic to think about after 12 hours of work at 8:30 in the morning.

Thus far I've had to give myself Progesterone shots.  It's not so bad, but I can only get to the right side.  That will not work in the long term and I'm really hoping Momma B will be ready tomorrow morning to help me even out the playing field.  This morning she wasn't feeling too well and I didn't want her getting even more nauseated while sticking me with a needle.  That would be bad news bears!  

It's hard to stop thinking about those little sticky beans at the clinic.  I can't wait for the transfer and I'm so hoping they stick*stick*stick!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've Got a Golden Ticket

Courtesy of Dry Icons
And it's a golden day!  

Bright and early, I was up up up ... doing laundry, getting ready, feeding the dogs, Momma B wondering how I'm so awake!  My ovaries were really loaded and painful this morning, but it didn't stop me from smiling.  I was ready for the egg hunting to begin.

First thing this morning, J (one of our best friends) texts me to wish me luck and sends me love.  She put a smile on my face from the very start.  I get ready and get Momma B out of bed with a bit of a grumble because I'm anxious despite the great start.  Last night I decided to bake cookies for the staff at our fertility clinic - just because they're all so awesome and helpful - I grabbed those on the way out the door and I tried not to get too nervous on the twenty-odd minute drive there.  The whole time I refuse to let go of Momma B's hand.  (Nurses really don't like it when the role is reversed.)  As we pull into the parking lot we see N (our other best friend and J's wife) sitting in her car.  She jumps out with a huge smiling sun balloon and the biggest smile herself!  What a fabulous surprise and if I wasn't so nervous about the procedure, I probably would've burst out crying ... instead I gave her at least half a dozen hugs.  I love those girls!

Inside the prep work gets underway immediately.  I change into a gown, put my lucky striped socks on, get an IV and sign all the consent forms.  I meet one nurse, than another, then an embryologist, then another, then the nurse anesthetist, then our beloved Dr. M comes in to say hi.  They all had such positive energy that I couldn't help pick up on it and the last of my nerves went away.  

I know RN W talked me through the procedure, but I never expected it would be exactly as she said.  I remember walking into the operating room, getting up on the bed and RN W putting my legs up in the stirrups.  Next thing I knew I was back in the recovery room asking how it went.  Seriously.  Guess I was awake, technically before my memory kicked back in because I apparently asked if Dr. M was going to do our embryo transfer and when they reminded me that no, he was going to be on vacation next week I, um, well, I started crying!  Don't remember that at all.  Thank God - so embarrassing!  Ah well, the rest of the recovery went off with only a slight bump since my bladder decided to take it's sweet time in functioning again, but once that happened we got to go home.

Oh.  I forgot to tell you the amazing news.  They found 24 eggs!  Yep, an even two dozen. I couldn't believe it.  Momma B and I were taking bets on how many they'd get and we both took the conservative route (which we just decided then would switch to how many eggs were mature and thus fertilized).  I never thought the numbers were that high.  Even when Dr. M told me around 20 I didn't really believe him.  Why do I doubt him?!  Never again!  

I've had a lot of pain today from my swollen ovaries filling back up with fluids.  Thankfully they gave me some Vicodin to take home with me and I got a nice long nap while Momma B had to high-ho herself to work.  They also had to push on my belly a bit since my left ovary was almost adhesed to the back of my uterus, so there's a little extra discomfort there, but also a bit more spotting because that also meant they had to go through a bit of my cervix with the needle to extract the eggs and put a stitch in afterward.  It's all worth it though.

Courtesy of MARC
I'm anxious to find out the numbers.  The embryologist is going to call me between 7 - 9 in the morning and tell me how things went.  She said our donor's sperm had great numbers so no problems in that department, though they're doing ICSI anyhow so I guess that part doesn't matter quite so much.  We're also going to set up a preliminary appointment for Sunday for a Day 3 Transfer, but I won't know until that morning if we'll keep it or wait for Tuesday for Day 5 instead.  Thankfully, my acupuncturist is on-call for me for two sessions on Sunday.  

I can't believe this time next week I may be pregnant!  Wow.  I keep thinking of those little eggs getting injected with sperm and praying they multiply and grow perfectly.  I keep hoping this is our time and our chance to finally be parents.  I keep trying not to put too much into those little eggs, but I can't help it.  I am so ready to be a Momma.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trick Shot

Yesterday's u/s was fantastic, mainly because I found out we're right on schedule and egg retrieval will be tomorrow.  Yes!  Don't get me wrong, I knew I'd have to be flexible with this whole IVF thing, but my work schedule doesn't know that.  There's only so much cushion I could put in before I wasn't on the schedule at all ... and no money is no good.  Anyhow, I digress ...

So yesterday's stats:

Tuesday, CD11 - 4th u/s
  • Right Ovary
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
    • (1) 21mm
    • (1) crazy ass 27mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 15mm
    • (2) 18mm
    • (1) 19mm
    • (1) 20mm
Total potential Follicles = +/- 20

I met with my awesome IVF nurse afterward to go over the next stage and while I was in her office I took my Cetritide shot.  She looks at me and says, "I just love watching you do that.  I don't have to worry about you at all."  I've become very nonchalant about these shots.  Hard to believe they're over.  She also drew up the rest of my Gonal-F into a separate syringe.  Up to this point, the highest dose I've taken is 225 IU but yesterday I used it all - yep, all 375 IU!  (And I've felt it, believe me.)

Trigger shot of Lupron was scheduled for 7:30 last night.  I set my alarm and we were in the middle of dinner with our besties when it went off.  Despite Momma B's urging to make a show of it, I discretely made my way to the bathroom and *bang*.  Trigger pulled and we are now off and running!  Joy of joys though, we get to show up at our clinic bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 in the morning.  I can't wait.  

I'm a little lot nervous about the anesthesia.  This is the first time I'll have undergone any sort of procedure where it's necessary and there's something about being knocked unconscious that makes me none too excited.  (Okay, I won't lie, knowing there's a big ass needle going through my vaginal wall doesn't really excite me either and I am okay with not being aware of it while it's happening.)  BUT I am ready to know how many of these follicles will produce mature eggs.  I'm ready to find out how many will turn into beautiful little cleaved and/or blastocyst embryos - and at which stage they'll be returned to me.  I am not nervous about any of that; just tomorrow.

All day yesterday I was bloated and heavy.  I walked super slow because each step caused a strange twinge and pressure in my ovaries.  Momma B was a speed walker next to me and normally I'm the one slowing down because my legs are twice the length of hers.  Then the trigger shot.  O.M.G. did I not expect that feeling could possibly get worse.  Now I'm just in pain and though I'm hungry I don't feel as though there is any room in my belly.  I want desperately to clean the house and be productive, but I have yet to move far from my bed.  Part of me thinks I'm just being lazy and once I get moving, I'll be fine, but then I get up and it hits me again and I chicken out.  I'm going to have to get past this at least to make my way downstairs to the kitchen because I really am starving.  

(At least I know the Lupron worked since I had to pee on an OPK this morning.  I haven't missed those.)

Well, wish me luck ... both with getting moving despite the pain/discomfort and with the retrieval tomorrow.  I'll see you on the other side!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare

My rogue follicle broke way ahead of the pack - it's definitely a goner.  That's a bummer, but not nearly as much as it is to hear the rest of those follies are being total slackers.  My egg retrieval may be pushed back another day.  So not happy with that idea.  I'm trying to keep positive and hope the higher dose of Gonal-F today will smack 'em on the butts and get them moving!


Monday, CD10 - 3rd u/s

  • Right Ovary
    • (2) 12mm
    • (1) 16mm
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
    • (1) crazy ass 24mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 13mm
    • (1) 14mm
    • (1) 15mm
    • (1) 16mm
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
Total Follicles >12mm = 11
Total potential Follicles = +/- 16

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ova Achiever

Two ultrasounds later and I'm resting easy.  Looks like my little ovaries are diggin' these crazy meds.  Even our beloved Dr. M made a comment yesterday about how my body has responded so quickly.  I love good news!


Friday, CD7 - 1st u/s

  • Right Ovary
    • (1) 11mm
    • (1) 12mm
    • (1) 13mm
    • (1) overly eager 17mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 12mm
    • (2) 13mm
Total Follicles on track = 7
Total potential Follicles = +/- 15

Saturday, CD8 - 2nd u/s
  • Right Ovary
    • (1) 12mm
    • (1) 14mm
    • (1) 15mm
    • (2) 17mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 12mm
    • (1) 13mm
    • (1) 14mm
    • (1) 16mm
Total Follicles on track = 9
Total potential Follicles =  +/- 16

On Friday, my LH was out of control at 20.2 and Dr. P was concerned I was going to ovulate that day, but I went home and shot up some Cetrotide.  (My Gonal-F was also adjusted to a lower dose, though my Menopur stayed the same.)  They checked my progesterone levels to ensure OV wasn't eminent and, thankfully, that came back very normal.  So back I went yesterday morning so they could keep a close eye on those over eager follies of mine (with strict instructions of taking only my Cetrotide dose prior to my appointment) and wouldn't you know it my LH level shot all the way down to 1.38!  Yes, it's common knowledge within my health care team that I am quite sensitive to medications, but dayum! that's good.  

Courtesy of I Heart Guts
My two big guys may still be the sacrificial lambs as they're jumping ahead of themselves, but hopefully the adjustments made to my Gonal-F dose will keep them in check.  Note to future eggies: We need all of you little boogers.  Chill out!

Thankfully, Dr. M was on for the weekend.  I try to keep it under control, but yeah I'm a little bit attached.  Is it too much to ask that he be the one to do our egg retrieval and embryo transfer?  I mean, he is the one that sold us on the idea of IVF in the first place.  Okay, well, him and an enlightening review of our insurance coverage!  BUT I *heart* Dr. M!  That should be reason enough, right?!  Never hurts to ask and I'm not shy about the important stuff.  Turns out he's not scheduled to do egg retrievals that day, however I just have to tell the nurse when I schedule it and they can rearrange his appointments!  Um, have I told you how much I *heart* Dr. M?!  (Momma B said it sounded like he does this all the time, but I refuse to let her tarnish my Dr. M worship.)

Unfortunately, I was also ambushed by the Hormonal Assassin yesterday - total blind attack that crushed my defenses and left me vulnerable to many subsequent attacks.  Momma B took it all in stride and continues to be my own personal champion.  I don't know what I would do without that woman.  She amazes me every day.  Looks like I've defeated the crazies for now, but I remain weary.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Code Bloat

Sanity has once again returned to our household.  Thank you, Buddha!  I had two good days of emotional instability and then *ah* everyone got to breathe again ... Momma L wasn't going to cry if you did.  

However, now my ovaries are making themselves known basically around the clock.  The soreness really only seems to hit when I'm laying down, but I feel them far more whenever I decide to run up the stairs, bend over to put laundry in the washer or, well, just stand in one place looking lost.  At my acupuncture appointment today, she decided to connect some electrical stims to the needles in my abdomen.  During the 30 or more minutes I lay in there it didn't bother me much, but afterward oh wow! did my ovaries throb and pulse like the stims were not only still there, but the ampage was pumped up.  Good times.  Rock 'n Roll Ovaries!  

The strangest is that I feel and look bloated, but everything is still fitting the same.  Not sure how that is possible and obviously I'm not terribly put out if I can still wear my clothes, but I think it's just this constant awareness of my abdomen and reproductive organs that I can't seem to get used to - yeah, I knew they were there before; OV kindly reminds me every month - but I've never thought of, talked about and felt them so consistently as I have these last few days.  

I've probably been total dullsville with all my IVF-speak lately.  Tell me to shut up already, people!*

*And this is only the beginning.  Poor you.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Anyone ever seen the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags in New Jersey?!  This thing is freaking mammoth.  Now I've never actually been on this thriller, but after the last couple of days I don't feel like I would ever need to.  You see, I've been on my own freaking thrill ride all pumped up on hormones.  Yeah, I can climb to the tippity top right into the clouds and then plummet straight down to the ground at breakneck speeds.  I honestly didn't know I had stood in line for this ride willingly, but there I was all set and ready to go - excited like a school girl and giddy at the possibilities.  Fuck me, I'm want off.  In the words of the ever wise Momma B, "it sneaks up on you like a Ninja."  Just call me Hormonal Assassin - stealth mercenary of calm and reason.  I'll attack, um, right after I finish crying.

In other words, I'm a mess.

Also, my ovaries hurt.  Well, not hurt hurt, but I feel them swelling and throbbing.  It's not a pleasant feeling and we're only two days into this.  So as of tomorrow I'm not supposed to exercise any longer other than "pleasant strolls" my nurse tells me - no jostling.  Um, what do I do about my job?  If there's an emergency c-section called on my patient there's no strolling that bed down the hall to the operating room.  Maybe I'll be requesting all postpartum patients this month - not too many emergencies there.  I feel like an invalid.  

Damn, these kids are trouble already.  Despite all of this I'm still very happy to be going through it.  There is nothing I want more at the moment.  People say I can use this time and the experiences I'm going through against them later in life, but I'm not that person.  I'm going through all of this openly and willingly - and I would start this all over again in a heartbeat.  This is the ride of a lifetime!

P.s.  I already gave up on the NaBloPoMo thing this month.  Their prompts weren't that interesting to me and, honestly, I don't like things telling me what to write about.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready. Set. Go.

CD2 and I got to shoot myself!  Yes, there was a brief moment when I was looking at that tiny needle pointed at my belly and I thought, Uh No, but I got past it and in it went.  *dink*  A few clicks of the pen and that was that.  Far less fanfare than I expected, but you know, the build up is always in excess of reality.  

But we're off!  IVF has officially started, folks.  Thank goodness.  This last month of preparations has been driving me mad.  Felt like a year rather than a month.  If you didn't gather by any of my previous posts, I was ready.

In other news, I had a very easy night of (non-) work last night.  I had no patient assignment and we never admitted anyone so I spent the night reading my Kindle and playing on the internet.  However, had that not happened I would not have stumbled across none other than this beautiful blog of mine.  Yep, I had a *first* moment last night as  I had Googled "IVF" and on about page five my blog showed up.  I was SO excited to see it. In the past, even typing the name of my blog in the search box didn't always bring up my blog!  This was a big moment for me.  I feel like I've "made it."  Made it to what, I'm not sure, but I also don't care ... I "made it" to somewhere that now allows my blog to show up by random Google searches.  I like it.  

Hmmm ... It's Sunday and there are no NaBloPoMo prompts for the weekends.  However, if I were to say anything swim related it would be that I'm definitely not swimming tonight at the BBQ we're attending.  Yeah, me in a bathing suit does not happen around strangers; even if there are people I do know interspersed in the crowd.  Not gonna happen, sorry friends.  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

It felt like I waited so long for AF to arrive, but now she's here and I don't like her.  I'm all crampy and icky feeling.  There's no winning with me.

Currently I'm being waited on by a gorgeous redhead that is making me breakfast after a long night at work.  In another 24 minutes I can call the clinic to make sure I can start my injections as planned.  Not that I'm excited about giving myself a shot, but hopefully it won't be that big of a deal.  Okay.  I'm a little bit excited.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

O Aunt Flo, wherefore art thou?

Nothing like going to a doctor's appointment after a busy 12-hour night working. Does it help that I was the second one that checked in and the last one that got called back? No. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but I'm tired dammit!

At least everything checked out well. The lining of my uterus measured 6.5mm which basically means I should have a period still ... the BCPs didn't scare it off after all. My ovaries are nice and sleepy right now, just hanging out with nothing to do. No cysts. No problems. Except no AF - and it's now CD33.

On the plus side, I'm spotting a tiny bit since the ultrasound. Maybe AF just needed a little subtle coaxing. Hmmm. That sounds kind of perverted.

In other news, I've decided to participate in NaBloPoMo
for July (as though I didn't have enough to keep me busy this month). July's theme is SWIM. Today's prompt is: Where would you love to go swimming? 

Momma B loves, I mean loves, swimming holes. I've always been a little worried about going swimming in any of them because all of them require hiking. No, the hiking isn't the problem. I love hiking. It's the hiking back in wet clothes that bothers me; there's the possibility of chaffing. That does not sound like fun. BUT we looked at the local Sacramento Magazine this month and it had so many local swimming holes in the feature article. The pictures and the article, well, they sold me. I so really, really want to go swimming in a swimming hole now! I'll figure out the wet clothes situation - I'm not scared any more. Swimming hole(s) here I come!
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