Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Frosties

Two.  Out of the 14 remaining embryos only two made it to the blastocyst stage for freezing. I'm thankful for those two, but I have to admit I'm a little surprised.  Guess I thought with the numbers starting off so high they would remain high, but you know?  I'm happy with the four we have - the two in my belly and the two now sitting happy and frosty at the clinic.  I'm positive at least one of them will decide to turn into a giggly, snuggly infant.  

Here is the current fate of our two little ones.

Everything smells so strong today.  Strange.

On a non-TTC related note:  I always want to make individual comments back to each and every one of you that say something to each of my entries, but I always wonder if you get those replies?  I know I don't always see if anyone replies to the comments I leave on others' blogs and I often wonder if I'm missing some option that allows this.  Can someone, anyone, let me know if I'm just totally oblivious.  Thanks.


  1. I keep telling Lynn (and myself) that what we really want is one healthy baby--not ten. It's hard, though, when you think about all the possibilities that might have been. But two in the oven and two in the freezer sounds like really good odds to me, sister! No idea on the comments thing--I write back sometimes but always assume that I'm kind of talking to myself...

  2. with the comments thing.. i sometimes just write a comment on the other persons blog. that way i know they got it. i think you have to click on a button (the commentor) for reading replies.

    good luck with the 4 ! good knowing there are 2 in the bank!


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