Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've Got a Golden Ticket

Courtesy of Dry Icons
And it's a golden day!  

Bright and early, I was up up up ... doing laundry, getting ready, feeding the dogs, Momma B wondering how I'm so awake!  My ovaries were really loaded and painful this morning, but it didn't stop me from smiling.  I was ready for the egg hunting to begin.

First thing this morning, J (one of our best friends) texts me to wish me luck and sends me love.  She put a smile on my face from the very start.  I get ready and get Momma B out of bed with a bit of a grumble because I'm anxious despite the great start.  Last night I decided to bake cookies for the staff at our fertility clinic - just because they're all so awesome and helpful - I grabbed those on the way out the door and I tried not to get too nervous on the twenty-odd minute drive there.  The whole time I refuse to let go of Momma B's hand.  (Nurses really don't like it when the role is reversed.)  As we pull into the parking lot we see N (our other best friend and J's wife) sitting in her car.  She jumps out with a huge smiling sun balloon and the biggest smile herself!  What a fabulous surprise and if I wasn't so nervous about the procedure, I probably would've burst out crying ... instead I gave her at least half a dozen hugs.  I love those girls!

Inside the prep work gets underway immediately.  I change into a gown, put my lucky striped socks on, get an IV and sign all the consent forms.  I meet one nurse, than another, then an embryologist, then another, then the nurse anesthetist, then our beloved Dr. M comes in to say hi.  They all had such positive energy that I couldn't help pick up on it and the last of my nerves went away.  

I know RN W talked me through the procedure, but I never expected it would be exactly as she said.  I remember walking into the operating room, getting up on the bed and RN W putting my legs up in the stirrups.  Next thing I knew I was back in the recovery room asking how it went.  Seriously.  Guess I was awake, technically before my memory kicked back in because I apparently asked if Dr. M was going to do our embryo transfer and when they reminded me that no, he was going to be on vacation next week I, um, well, I started crying!  Don't remember that at all.  Thank God - so embarrassing!  Ah well, the rest of the recovery went off with only a slight bump since my bladder decided to take it's sweet time in functioning again, but once that happened we got to go home.

Oh.  I forgot to tell you the amazing news.  They found 24 eggs!  Yep, an even two dozen. I couldn't believe it.  Momma B and I were taking bets on how many they'd get and we both took the conservative route (which we just decided then would switch to how many eggs were mature and thus fertilized).  I never thought the numbers were that high.  Even when Dr. M told me around 20 I didn't really believe him.  Why do I doubt him?!  Never again!  

I've had a lot of pain today from my swollen ovaries filling back up with fluids.  Thankfully they gave me some Vicodin to take home with me and I got a nice long nap while Momma B had to high-ho herself to work.  They also had to push on my belly a bit since my left ovary was almost adhesed to the back of my uterus, so there's a little extra discomfort there, but also a bit more spotting because that also meant they had to go through a bit of my cervix with the needle to extract the eggs and put a stitch in afterward.  It's all worth it though.

Courtesy of MARC
I'm anxious to find out the numbers.  The embryologist is going to call me between 7 - 9 in the morning and tell me how things went.  She said our donor's sperm had great numbers so no problems in that department, though they're doing ICSI anyhow so I guess that part doesn't matter quite so much.  We're also going to set up a preliminary appointment for Sunday for a Day 3 Transfer, but I won't know until that morning if we'll keep it or wait for Tuesday for Day 5 instead.  Thankfully, my acupuncturist is on-call for me for two sessions on Sunday.  

I can't believe this time next week I may be pregnant!  Wow.  I keep thinking of those little eggs getting injected with sperm and praying they multiply and grow perfectly.  I keep hoping this is our time and our chance to finally be parents.  I keep trying not to put too much into those little eggs, but I can't help it.  I am so ready to be a Momma.  


  1. Awe! I am so proud of you for going through all of it. You are such a trooper! I still can't believe its all happening! And hello 24 eggs! Nice! I hope you get some relief stat! That all sounds awfully painful.
    You are both gonna be such great Momma's soon!

  2. Oh my gosh! You are too sweet, glad we could help brighten your day!!

    So glad everything went so well today, your 24 pack should be doing their thing as we speak, err type, hope that phone call comes at 7 and not 9!!!

    And I hope those super ovaries get back to normal soon and you aren't in as much pain!

  3. woohooo!! fertilize, little eggs! sounds like a pretty smooth start overall -- can't wait to hear how they do! hope you're feeling pregnant in no time! ;)

  4. Wow! 24! You're a rockstar :) Hope you are not in too much pain - thinking of you!

  5. Hurray! 24 eggs is amazing! I hope you get a good fertilization report, too! And I'm also glad that everything went so smoothly--come on, April babies! :)

  6. Great post! Sounds like everything went very well! All the best to you!

  7. I praying with you on the success of your eggs. I think you will be a great mother. I affraid he/she might be spoiled (u think). I know I going to try. Love ya

  8. How exciting 24eggs!!! Lots of luck and I hope you feel better soon.


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