Monday, July 4, 2011


Anyone ever seen the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags in New Jersey?!  This thing is freaking mammoth.  Now I've never actually been on this thriller, but after the last couple of days I don't feel like I would ever need to.  You see, I've been on my own freaking thrill ride all pumped up on hormones.  Yeah, I can climb to the tippity top right into the clouds and then plummet straight down to the ground at breakneck speeds.  I honestly didn't know I had stood in line for this ride willingly, but there I was all set and ready to go - excited like a school girl and giddy at the possibilities.  Fuck me, I'm want off.  In the words of the ever wise Momma B, "it sneaks up on you like a Ninja."  Just call me Hormonal Assassin - stealth mercenary of calm and reason.  I'll attack, um, right after I finish crying.

In other words, I'm a mess.

Also, my ovaries hurt.  Well, not hurt hurt, but I feel them swelling and throbbing.  It's not a pleasant feeling and we're only two days into this.  So as of tomorrow I'm not supposed to exercise any longer other than "pleasant strolls" my nurse tells me - no jostling.  Um, what do I do about my job?  If there's an emergency c-section called on my patient there's no strolling that bed down the hall to the operating room.  Maybe I'll be requesting all postpartum patients this month - not too many emergencies there.  I feel like an invalid.  

Damn, these kids are trouble already.  Despite all of this I'm still very happy to be going through it.  There is nothing I want more at the moment.  People say I can use this time and the experiences I'm going through against them later in life, but I'm not that person.  I'm going through all of this openly and willingly - and I would start this all over again in a heartbeat.  This is the ride of a lifetime!

P.s.  I already gave up on the NaBloPoMo thing this month.  Their prompts weren't that interesting to me and, honestly, I don't like things telling me what to write about.  


  1. Oh, man. I'm amazed that you're already feeling your ovaries! But the idea of a hormone-ninja is awesome. Maybe you should dress like a ninja and just refuse to explain?

  2. Sorry you are on such a roller coaster right now, it will be SO worth it though. I can't wait to hear about your egg counts and how your Super Ovaries are working! This is going to be such a great month for us!!

  3. sorry to hear. It will pass soon and it will so worth it.

  4. You are amazing! And brave! And you two are going to make the best moms. :) I am so excited for your journey.

    The hormones are going to be worth every minute when that baby arrives!

    When you feel like coming out for coffee, give me a ring. I will treat you to your fave drink and we can have a nice chat. :)

    Remember through all of this, to pamper and take care of yourself. Be gentle and forgiving of your emotional highs and lows. You will get through this with flying colors!

  5. Oh boy, I feel you but you are on your way! Hang in there! I'm rooting for you...


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