Friday, July 1, 2011

O Aunt Flo, wherefore art thou?

Nothing like going to a doctor's appointment after a busy 12-hour night working. Does it help that I was the second one that checked in and the last one that got called back? No. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but I'm tired dammit!

At least everything checked out well. The lining of my uterus measured 6.5mm which basically means I should have a period still ... the BCPs didn't scare it off after all. My ovaries are nice and sleepy right now, just hanging out with nothing to do. No cysts. No problems. Except no AF - and it's now CD33.

On the plus side, I'm spotting a tiny bit since the ultrasound. Maybe AF just needed a little subtle coaxing. Hmmm. That sounds kind of perverted.

In other news, I've decided to participate in NaBloPoMo
for July (as though I didn't have enough to keep me busy this month). July's theme is SWIM. Today's prompt is: Where would you love to go swimming? 

Momma B loves, I mean loves, swimming holes. I've always been a little worried about going swimming in any of them because all of them require hiking. No, the hiking isn't the problem. I love hiking. It's the hiking back in wet clothes that bothers me; there's the possibility of chaffing. That does not sound like fun. BUT we looked at the local Sacramento Magazine this month and it had so many local swimming holes in the feature article. The pictures and the article, well, they sold me. I so really, really want to go swimming in a swimming hole now! I'll figure out the wet clothes situation - I'm not scared any more. Swimming hole(s) here I come!


  1. sorry AF is being so late for you! I think swimming holes are great--the only key is to sit around afterwards long enough to dry completely!

  2. I say bring along a chang of clothes in your backpack, go far enough and late enough to do some night swim skinny dipping, or just find a rock when you get done and bask in the sun until you are dry and toasty. :)s swimming holes are the best! Keeping my fingers crossed for af arrival soon!

  3. I like what LaVocal said! Specifically about skinny dipping, but you know how I do! ;) And well, when you're not considering skinny dipping, we'd love to tag along!!

    AF is on her way and hopefully she's good to you, as good as any AF can be?! Ugh, whatever you know what I mean!
    PS - you're a blogger champ, keep it up!

  4. LOL ... all of you are too cute. thanks for the advice. i def like the nighttime skinny dipping idea. ;)


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