Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready. Set. Go.

CD2 and I got to shoot myself!  Yes, there was a brief moment when I was looking at that tiny needle pointed at my belly and I thought, Uh No, but I got past it and in it went.  *dink*  A few clicks of the pen and that was that.  Far less fanfare than I expected, but you know, the build up is always in excess of reality.  

But we're off!  IVF has officially started, folks.  Thank goodness.  This last month of preparations has been driving me mad.  Felt like a year rather than a month.  If you didn't gather by any of my previous posts, I was ready.

In other news, I had a very easy night of (non-) work last night.  I had no patient assignment and we never admitted anyone so I spent the night reading my Kindle and playing on the internet.  However, had that not happened I would not have stumbled across none other than this beautiful blog of mine.  Yep, I had a *first* moment last night as  I had Googled "IVF" and on about page five my blog showed up.  I was SO excited to see it. In the past, even typing the name of my blog in the search box didn't always bring up my blog!  This was a big moment for me.  I feel like I've "made it."  Made it to what, I'm not sure, but I also don't care ... I "made it" to somewhere that now allows my blog to show up by random Google searches.  I like it.  

Hmmm ... It's Sunday and there are no NaBloPoMo prompts for the weekends.  However, if I were to say anything swim related it would be that I'm definitely not swimming tonight at the BBQ we're attending.  Yeah, me in a bathing suit does not happen around strangers; even if there are people I do know interspersed in the crowd.  Not gonna happen, sorry friends.  


  1. Yay! I am so excited for you! Congrats on finally getting there with the IVF! :)

  2. Even though we didn't get you in the pool this time, you still looked as beautiful as ever! ;) This is such an exciting time and we are right here for you!


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