Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare

My rogue follicle broke way ahead of the pack - it's definitely a goner.  That's a bummer, but not nearly as much as it is to hear the rest of those follies are being total slackers.  My egg retrieval may be pushed back another day.  So not happy with that idea.  I'm trying to keep positive and hope the higher dose of Gonal-F today will smack 'em on the butts and get them moving!


Monday, CD10 - 3rd u/s

  • Right Ovary
    • (2) 12mm
    • (1) 16mm
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
    • (1) crazy ass 24mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 13mm
    • (1) 14mm
    • (1) 15mm
    • (1) 16mm
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
Total Follicles >12mm = 11
Total potential Follicles = +/- 16


  1. those numbers look great! ill keep my fingers crossed!

  2. I agree, still great numbers! Those others will catch up in no time!

  3. sorry about the extra day (and the rogue follie), but it looks like you're on track for an even dozen!


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