Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trick Shot

Yesterday's u/s was fantastic, mainly because I found out we're right on schedule and egg retrieval will be tomorrow.  Yes!  Don't get me wrong, I knew I'd have to be flexible with this whole IVF thing, but my work schedule doesn't know that.  There's only so much cushion I could put in before I wasn't on the schedule at all ... and no money is no good.  Anyhow, I digress ...

So yesterday's stats:

Tuesday, CD11 - 4th u/s
  • Right Ovary
    • (1) 17mm
    • (1) 18mm
    • (1) 21mm
    • (1) crazy ass 27mm
  • Left Ovary
    • (1) 15mm
    • (2) 18mm
    • (1) 19mm
    • (1) 20mm
Total potential Follicles = +/- 20

I met with my awesome IVF nurse afterward to go over the next stage and while I was in her office I took my Cetritide shot.  She looks at me and says, "I just love watching you do that.  I don't have to worry about you at all."  I've become very nonchalant about these shots.  Hard to believe they're over.  She also drew up the rest of my Gonal-F into a separate syringe.  Up to this point, the highest dose I've taken is 225 IU but yesterday I used it all - yep, all 375 IU!  (And I've felt it, believe me.)

Trigger shot of Lupron was scheduled for 7:30 last night.  I set my alarm and we were in the middle of dinner with our besties when it went off.  Despite Momma B's urging to make a show of it, I discretely made my way to the bathroom and *bang*.  Trigger pulled and we are now off and running!  Joy of joys though, we get to show up at our clinic bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 in the morning.  I can't wait.  

I'm a little lot nervous about the anesthesia.  This is the first time I'll have undergone any sort of procedure where it's necessary and there's something about being knocked unconscious that makes me none too excited.  (Okay, I won't lie, knowing there's a big ass needle going through my vaginal wall doesn't really excite me either and I am okay with not being aware of it while it's happening.)  BUT I am ready to know how many of these follicles will produce mature eggs.  I'm ready to find out how many will turn into beautiful little cleaved and/or blastocyst embryos - and at which stage they'll be returned to me.  I am not nervous about any of that; just tomorrow.

All day yesterday I was bloated and heavy.  I walked super slow because each step caused a strange twinge and pressure in my ovaries.  Momma B was a speed walker next to me and normally I'm the one slowing down because my legs are twice the length of hers.  Then the trigger shot.  O.M.G. did I not expect that feeling could possibly get worse.  Now I'm just in pain and though I'm hungry I don't feel as though there is any room in my belly.  I want desperately to clean the house and be productive, but I have yet to move far from my bed.  Part of me thinks I'm just being lazy and once I get moving, I'll be fine, but then I get up and it hits me again and I chicken out.  I'm going to have to get past this at least to make my way downstairs to the kitchen because I really am starving.  

(At least I know the Lupron worked since I had to pee on an OPK this morning.  I haven't missed those.)

Well, wish me luck ... both with getting moving despite the pain/discomfort and with the retrieval tomorrow.  I'll see you on the other side!


  1. biggest LUCK sent your way Laura and to momma B too =)

  2. Good luck, good luck, good luck! Can't wait to hear the report! :)

  3. good luck tomorrow! i just had my retrieval this morning and was also super nervous even though it was my second one. you'll do great!

  4. I can't even tell you how excited I am for you guys!!!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning and tell Momma B to text us as soon as you are done!!

  5. GOod luck!!! I am excited to hear more news!

  6. You two have a very big day ahead of you, hopefully you can get some rest tonight amidst all the nerves and what not. Good luck! Yay! So Very exciting! I still can't believe how fast the time has gone by... crazy! Love you both tons!


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