Monday, July 18, 2011

Things That Stick

  • Bubblegum
  • Glue
  • Honey
  • Tape
  • Bread dough

Our Day 3 Transfer went well today.  Okay, after a minor freakout first thing this morning.  I was up most of the night with my stomach and intestines twisting all around themselves.  No fun.  By the time the embryologist called at 7:23 this morning, I was exhausted and miserable - not exactly how I wanted to feel when it was time to introduce new life into my body.  Add to that my confusion regarding 3-day versus 5-day transfers and my trepidation that Dr. A was the one on-call for the weekend and would be doing my transfer ... yeah, it probably comes as no surprise that yet again I burst into tears.  Nothing Momma B could tell me was right or could make me feel better because I was so wrapped up in my anxiety.  I tried to just breathe through the drive to my acupuncturist's and, thankfully, by the time we got there I felt as though I was able to fight off most of my fears (thanks, in part, to replaying parts of my meditation tape in my head and to N sending me positive messages via text).  After half an hour laying on the bed with needles sticking out of random parts of my body, I was finally smiling.  My tummy was still unhappy, but at least it was a quiet discontent rather than the raging hurricane it had been all night.  I had to apologize to Momma B because I was being so irrational and crabby - poor thing, she puts up with so much from me!  But she's my rock, my everything, and she continued to be so.

As we sat waiting to be called back, I couldn't help but try and look up information about the possible difference and/or advantages of transfer days.  On most forums there were people mainly talking about getting 5-day transfers done (not so many 3-day transfers), but when I finally started looking into medical journals and more "legit" websites, I started finding the actual research.  And, you know what?!  There is no difference.  Dr. A put it this way: I essentially had 16 viable embryos growing, but only four of them had already formed into 8-cell embryos.  Of those four, only three of them had gone from a 4-cell to an 8-cell which is what they expect to see.  Though the other one was an 8-cell Grade 1 and looked beautiful and more than likely wouldn't develop abnormally, it still didn't progress the way they expect so it was put off the list for now.  Of the other three, only two were perfect 8-cell Grade 1 embryos.  The other had some slight fragmentation that pushed it down to a Grade 2, but still an option for transfer.  The other 14 little embries were taking their time and though still developing as expected they did not jump ahead of the pack like those four - show offs!  Thus Dr. A said with these embryos already displaying such perfect qualities there really was no need to wait until day 5, especially since they would be much happier in my uterus than in some little dish in the lab.  She also explained that though the numbers do in fact show a bit more success with day-5 transfers, the numbers were also skewed because 1) day-5 transfers have become so much more commonplace and 2) often day-3 transfers do not consist of perfect 8-cell Grade 1 embryos, but rather those other slower, smaller kids that are often in far more limited quantity and may not make it to day-5 at all. In fact, it seems the choice was far easier and made for us - just like natural selection should be - today because by day-5 there will probably be far more to choose from.  
Note:  I'll admit, I got caught up on transferring on day 5 because that is what is all over the forums and what I keep reading about more and more.  The less information and, admittedly skewed information, regarding day 3 transfers was scaring me and making me weary.  Whereas Momma B felt better about doing it today and not day 5 because these two embryos have already proven themselves to be the best of the best; by day 5 we could have a lot of the slower ones forming blastocysts that may actually not be such great quality.  Either way, it seems to be a hot topic among the IVF crowd.  I don't know which day is better, but I'm happy with the information we received and I'm happy with transfer.  Who knows if we'll be successful with this one or if it would've worked better at day-5.  As Dr. A said, even for them, it's all kind of a guessing game no matter what grading systems are in place.  This is where nature takes over.
Dr. A also said she didn't feel we needed to worry about assisted hatching either due to my young age, my lack of fertility issues, and because the shells of those little embryos were not abnormally thick.  She also said she would be reluctant to place all three of the potential 8-cell embryos because of the risk of triplets+.  We wholeheartedly agreed and decided to move forward with our two perfect little ones.  Hopefully, we'll get good news on Wednesday and find out we have at least 2 or 3 or 5 embries to freeze.  (Hey, though I love the stellar ones, I still root for the underdogs.)

Now I know this may sound silly, but I had a dream awhile ago that I wasn't able to get pregnant because I didn't have any lucky striped socks during the transfer.  Yeah, totally superstitious and doesn't make any sense, but the idea got stuck in my head.  What I've found throughout this entire TTC journey is that superstition doesn't sound so ridiculous or crazy anymore.  So I went with it and found some awesome socks and, yep, they were there for the transfer!

After some Valium, another hour-long session of post-transfer acupuncture, and a five hour nap at home I am now very well rested!  I don't work again until Thursday, so I have plenty of downtime to let these little ones do their thing - hatch and attach!

In other news, Momma B did an excellent job with the Progesterone shot this morning!  Our awesome IVF nurse talked her through it and I never felt a thing.  I think she's a natural.  However, I'm over taking all these pills.  My gag reflex is kicking in hardcore.  Luckily the antibiotic and the steroid are almost done, but why can they not make an effective prenatal vitamin that is smaller and more palatable?  Or an Omega pill for that matter?  Unfortunately I think I'm gonna have to add a stool softener to that mix now too.  Awesome.  

Other things that are sticky:
  • Stickers
  • Caramel
  • Peanut butter
  • Post-It Notes


  1. So exciting!!! Fingers crossed those little embryos get niiiiiice and cozy for, oh say, the next 9 months!!!!! Love the socks!

  2. Oh yay! Stick, babies, stick! Also love the socks :)

  3. Everything sounds so good! I've got you in my thoughts- sticky sticky thoughts!

  4. Sprinkling lots of sticky dust your way. LOVE the socks!

  5. Oh man, now I'm worried about finding lucky socks!
    I think day 3 sounds like it was perfect. When I talked to my RE about it I got the impression that waiting until day 5 made it easier for them to keep track of what was going on and to help them hatch if needed, but since yours don't look like they'll need it, and are coming along fast enough to be confirmed as good ones, putting them back into the nest makes total sense. Other things that are sticky...velcro, pollen, those annoying seed pods that get stuck in dogs' fur...

  6. Yay! Sending you lots of sticky vibes. Just an FYI, my 3-day transfer is the one that stuck, so I'm a big fan. Can't wait to hear more good news!

  7. Wh-hoo! Thanks for the update. I basically read your blog like a book this weekend - start to current - ans so appreciate you sharing your story.

    One thing my acupuncturist recommended for those nasty vitamins is to take them at bed time. Just a thought to share.

    Also, I started my own blog, which is, and I included yours on my blog roll.

  8. Love, love *love* those socks! That really made my day to see the pic, lots of smiles. :)

    Good luck! And happy baby making thoughts!

  9. Love this blog post. I feel so connected to you all over again! ;) The sock dream is funny and I'm glad you got some cute ones for transfer! Awesome! Sounds like you got some great rest yesterday and I am so proud of Momma B for shootin' ya up! Haha that sounds funny. I just feel so good about this for you guys that I could cry tears of joy for you! Couple more sticky things: hair gel/spray and cookie dough!

  10. woot! stickystickystickystickysticky

  11. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! That's awesome! I adore the socks - great pick. Stick stick babies stick!!


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