Saturday, August 6, 2011

Au Naturel

I'm sure I have yet to disclose on here how much I love Dr. M. Well, let me just let you in on my secret and share with you that after yesterday I <3 him even more.

We're all set for FET in September. This month my body will be getting over last month's injection/hormone overload. I was really hoping to avoid taking BCPs again this month and, thankfully, Dr. M agreed. He broke down the two different FET protocols and the only difference between the two is a matter of convenience - if I took a bunch of hormones to suppress my ovulation and then did a trigger shot on a predetermined day, we would be able to simply schedule the day we would like the embryo transfer.  However, because I normally have very regular cycles and am essentially quite healthy, he said I am the best candidate for option number two: minimal intervention.  

(One of the reasons I respect Dr. M so much is he truly does look out for you, the patient, and what is best for you.  He has never pushed one choice over another, but yet still makes a solid objective recommendation.  Perhaps it is just my experience and the average patient does not experience pushy, let's-just-do-this-the-easiest-most-convenient-for-me doctor - I truly would hope not - but as a labor and delivery nurse you see these types more often than I'm comfortable with because many things are unpredictable and yet they try to fit labor into their little defined boxes and schedules.  So to not experience that with my RE has been a bit of a surprise, I'll be honest.  Okay, well, I'll just step off my soapbox now - sorry 'bout that.  Anyhow, YAY! Dr. M!)
Not one for such petty conveniences, I of course chose to go with the more natural non-medicated option. Now, obviously I would love to plan the date of the transfer because it makes everything so much simpler. However, in my head less is more - especially with regard to medications. I would rather my body be allowed to do what it is designed to do on its own because wouldn't that create an optimum environment for a couple of embryos?! Considering my hormone levels were a bit unpredictable during our IVF cycle, I think staying away from anything that may throw them off again is best for me and definitely best for those tiny little embryos.

The plan: we will still do a hCG trigger shot once I get a positive on the OPK and we will stick with the progesterone/estrogen suppositories ... but other than the trigger shot there will be no other injections, no three-times-a-day estrogen pills, and definitely no BCPs (they scare me, I can't for certain tell you why). If all goes according to my iPeriod - and it's been reasonably accurate thus far - our ET should be sometime during the last week of September.

It seems so very far away, but 1) I know it will go by much faster than I think and 2) this gives me plenty of time to continue to work on myself, my fears, and maybe even start a sewing project or two. I'm actually more excited about the FET than I was the IVF because really I'm all about doing this as natural as possible given the circumstances. A good friend once told me, I'm a bit "granola."  Initially I wasn't entirely sure what she meant, but if she was referring to my belief that life is seasonal and organic, then yes I definitely agree. TTC has taken us away from these innate cycles out of biological necessity, but I really love that we are being given the opportunity to make this FET as intrinsic as possible. There is just something so cool about it all.


  1. What a great plan! And what a great doctor to allow you to do things as naturally as possible--I think it'll be much more relaxed and grounded than all the needles and monitoring and craziness of the first cycle, and those little embies will have the best possible chance to settle in and make themselves at home!

  2. Isa ... I completely agree! And K, def YAY!! =)

  3. So very exciting that this cycle will be more "au naturel"! I just know your body is so capable of this and it's going to happen soon! Love you!


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