Friday, August 26, 2011

Furry Friend Friday

My furbabies have been a sanity saver many times.  It is the only version of unconditional love that I know.  They are the most affectionate, cuddly, and crazy animals.  Every day they make us laugh and make us smile.  This is a little tribute to these little ones that enrich our lives.  

Lola is our crazy girl who is still a kitten at heart.  We will put all the cat toys away at night and the next morning they're strung around.  One morning I counted 14 toys!  She's a busy girl.  She loves to lay on our boobs like she did as a kitten, even though she's a just a little too big now.  She always has to be right next to or on one of us.  She loves to eat plastic, lay on Momma B's shoes (and books, papers, or backpacks), lay in boxes, and she is a high-maintenance princess who gives herself daily manicures on her favorite scratcher.

Mikey is our lover boy.  He vies for our attention all the time, sometimes even meowing at us after he's already on our lap.  He never gets tired of pets or cuddles - as long as they are given on his terms.  He is also our adventurer.  The higher the jump, the more he'll go for it.  He's often found at the top of the kitchen cabinets looking downs on all his charges (that would be us, of course).  As soon as we lay down in bed, he's there ready to cuddle up and settle in for the night - usually on Momma B since she's a human furnace.  We also believe he's our little gay boy; in San Diego he had a boyfriend, Chilly, who lived next door.  However, he's also very loving and comes to Lola's rescue every time she gets in trouble and is embraced in some Corporal Cuddling.  

Once I got together with Momma B, I adopted two very large doggies.  Though I'm admittedly not much of a dog person, I have come to love these crazy boys.  Kayin is the trouble-maker.  He's stubborn and onery, but he's also very handsome ... and he knows it.  I'll admit, I have a hard time resisting that face.  He makes the best puppy dog eyes and is probably the smartest dog I know.  Too smart, sometimes.  Malakai is our doop-de-doo boy.  He's slow and lazy, but he's also very sweet and endearing.  He's easy going and happy to go anywhere, no matter how boring.  I relate to him because we both get a little too excited come meal time.

All of these kids make our lives full: full of love and fun and laughter.  Yes, they can drive us crazy sometimes and test our patience, but we think they're preparing us for children.  We already deal with daily messes, constant feedings, and occasional accidents.  Too bad they don't know what's coming.  

*Blog post idea courtesy of Stress Free Infertility

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  1. Aww...I miss having kitties--once I left for college I learned how allergic I really am. And your pups sound like sweethearts, too! I wish we could have more but our house is so small that our two little dogs take up all available space already...


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