Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Listomania Update

I was thinking about how I can overcome my excessive sleepiness lately as this whole night shift deal is really starting to kick my @$$ more than ever.  I ran across this article and had a little "ah-ha" moment.  Now who's to say that stopping eating 12 - 16 hours before I want to wake up will actually work, but then it can't hurt right?  After all, this is part of my 40 before 40 - specifically #32, if you wish to review.  So will my stomach wake me up because it will have been so long since I ate and motivate me to get up and find food ... fast?!  Or is it really just some odd connection to our bodies' Circadian rhythm?  I have to admit I'm very curious and actually a little excited to try this out tomorrow (and, no, this is not my procrastination kicking in, but it's not so helpful - and, let's face it, feasible - to begin on a work night).  I will update if it does indeed reset my sleep pattern!

I'm also currently putting together the plans for #39.  It's so difficult keeping secrets from Momma B.  I tell her everything - sometimes more than she'd like to know, I'm sure.  BUT it's so much more fun trying to find ways to surprise her - especially with anything to do with traveling and adventure.  Momma B has made me realize what sheltered life I've led prior to meeting her.  There is little she hasn't done or seen.  Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but very slight.  I figure, if she's already been there done that, at least it'll still be new because it'll be new with me.  Oh so corny, but I love it!

Additionally, I found a Groupon the other day for sewing lessons.  Yeah, I used to know a lot more than I do now and I've been afraid to start for fear of messing it all up.  There are so many projects I have planned, especially for this future in-the-works baby and their nursery.  And as it's #30, I need to get started!

And lastly, I'm working my way up to #10.  However, I've never even successfully made a quick bread like banana bread.  I found a great looking recipe from one of the blogs I follow.  I was all set to make it today, until I saw that Momma B accidentally tossed the ripened bananas away (well, as I suck at banana bread, why would she keep them thinking I may actually make something out of them?!).  Bummer.  Hopefully I'll be able to find some close to ripe bananas tomorrow and will finally be successful.  Otherwise, I'll just try, try again.

It feels good to put this all down and see for myself this list coming to fruition.


  1. I'm curious to know how the food thing works out--I'd also recommend groupon for vacation stuff! Not just big ones--I've gotten some really nice deals on one-night B&B stays and the like. Also! Have you read smittenkitchen? She has some really good tutorials on bread that might help you make the jump!

  2. Funny! I was just going to suggest Joy the Baker! I LOVE her blog and she has lots of breads that I want to try. A few in my new Barefoot cookbook too. I really want to expand my baking knowledge...we should challenge each other!

    I LOVE that you are proceeding with the list. And your little escapes with Momma B sound amazing!!


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