Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Beginnings

Here we are again: CD1!  

I just happened to have an acupuncture appointment scheduled and what a great way to start off this cycle - relaxed and rejuvenated.  I had made my own meditation/relaxation tape to listen to while I lay there, but unfortunately my acupuncturist's technology wasn't quite up to date.  Instead I played it while driving home (listening rather than meditating, of course) and it struck a chord.  

At one point it said: "Wanting something means you put your energy into hoping something pans out in the future.  On the other hand, saying thank you for it - in advance of your actually seeing it manifest - injects a powerful energy into that seed of potential."  My heart skipped at hearing those words and instantly I felt it swell as I literally said "Thank You!" out loud to myself and the universe in the car.  

Courtesy of Baby W is on the Way
Thing is, I am thankful.  Why haven't I expressed this before?  I'm thankful for this body of mine and all I have put it through.  It continues to function well and though I may have loaded it down with some extra weight, it's still healthy and more than capable of getting pregnant and delivering a child into this world.  I'm thankful for the insurance we have that has made the IVF and FET cycles not only possible, but affordable.  I'm thankful for the IVF cycle creating beautiful eggs and, now, even more beautiful embryos.  I'm thankful for those embryos that will turn into healthy, lively children that will bless our lives with more  joy than I could possibly imagine.  I am so happy to have this life because despite the difficulties and trials, there is still so much more that is rewarding and so very much to look forward to ... as, honestly, life only continues to get better as I get older.  I never thought that would be true, but here it is.

I continue to do my nightly meditations and focus on visualizing myself with this pregnancy.  I continue with my weekly acupuncture appointments and daily fertility yoga DVD.  I continue because though I hope it helps achieve a pregnancy of course, it's also just good for me and this body that I need to nurture and show my appreciation.  I know some give advice not to think of it at all, but I am not that person, so instead I will work with how my mind works and turn it into something of gratitude and joy.  I enter this cycle with more happiness and less worry than any cycle before because no matter what has happened or what will happen this time around, I know I will be a mother.  I am content in that knowledge.


  1. Sounds like a pretty great way to be feeling right now. I like it.

  2. This is a lovely post--anda great way to look at the world!

  3. I'm diggin' this! I can totally picture you saying that outloud and then doing some reflecting. Good for you! :)

  4. New beginnings for the both of us, I am trying to put all my anxiety stress and negative feelings behind me and moving forward and this is just what I needed to read today to help!!

    I am going to start thanking myself and the universe as well!

    And I am thankful for having you as such a GREAT friend!!


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