Saturday, September 3, 2011

To Cloth or Not To Cloth?

Courtesy of Caroline's Creations

I've been considering switching to something like the above.  Let me explain.  Momma B and I plan on using cloth diapers on our future children - it's better for them, the environment, and our pocketbooks.  My main reason is simply to keep things as pure and chemical-free as we can.  Then I started thinking, why would I not hold the same standards for myself?  After all, if this is so important for my future children, why wouldn't be for me?  Now, I'm a tampon girl, through and through.  However, I have started to find I prefer the pads at night, thus my current interest and research.

So I put this out to all of you, my lovely readers: have you or do you currently use cloth menstrual pads?  If so, what did/do you like and dislike?  And, any favorite vendors (as I've been finding there are many!)?

Thank you so much for your help. 


  1. I love cloth pads/liners. I use the diva cup as an alternative to tampons and use the pads at night or the liners as back-up. I've tried a couple different vendors and by far like Lilia Designs the best. Good luck with your search.

  2. i despise pads of any kind (it's one of the things i dread most about the post-birth era). but as a former tampon girl, through and through, i *love* my diva cup.

  3. I use the diva cup as an alternative to tampons as well and I LOVE it... I feel great every month knowing I am not leaving behind any waste. I've never tried cloth pads but they look much more comfortable then bulky pads.

  4. Those seem so much more comfortable than pads... wish I had thought about such a thing back when I had a period that was normal before my surgery. I say buy a few and try them out. It couldn't hurt! And they would be so much more ecology friendly!

  5. I thank you for this post- I didn't even know these things existed- and I have been looking for those "cup" things (I thought they were called Instead) off/on for a few years but I couldn't find them- I haven't heard of the "diva cup" but I'm going to try to find it! -Melanie

  6. I use cloth pads combined with a Keeper (like the Diva cup, but different make -- when I bought it it was the only one available). I made my own cloth pads at first made out of flannel, but when I went off the pill to TTC, my flow got a lot heavier and I couldn't trust them with the heavy days so I bought some off of etsy (user name was pbjelly or something along those lines). I haven't had a chance to test those out because I got pregnant right after (after 4 years of trying!), but now that I've had my baby, I'm going to try them out when my period returns.

    There are so many different kinds of cloth and ways to make them so I think you have to experiment with what works for you, but I can say that I will never go back to disposables only ever again. No chafing, things can breathe, no crinkling, no stickies on your skin/hair, etc. The only time I've used them in the past 9ish years is when I was miscarrying (something about using reusables for that was really wrong) and as backup occasionally when I had to. Oh, and with my lochia currently, but planning on breaking out the cloth ASAP.

    Oh, and the cloth was awesome when I was pregnant for the discharge that I had, which was enough to want to wear something but not really that bad. Meant I wasn't throwing stuff away (and not spending money!), I was comfortable, and none of the chafing and stuff that comes with wearing disposables for a long time.

    The comfort I feel with cloth is what led me to decide to cloth diaper my baby. If I notice that much of a difference when I only wear them for 5 days a month, imagine how much better it would be for him wearing them for 2+ years.

  7. My wife and I have ordered from here: They are inexpensive, shipping is free or next to free, and they're great quality. We both love them so much more than disposable pads/liners, although I still use a tampon and just wear one of these for backup when I have a heavy flow.


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