Friday, October 28, 2011

Life is Two-riffic!

Yep, folks, that's right!  TWINS!  Wow.  And double wow!  

Momma B and I have had twins on the brain since the FET and I've been referring to them as "they" from the very start.  Guess we just knew somehow.  In fact, when we were trying to come up with blog nicknames for our little one(s), we could only think of twin nicknames!  I cannot believe how blessed we are.  This is just amazing.

Meet PB & J!
PB (aka Baby A) is measuring just slightly ahead at 6wk4d with a heart rate of 121.  J (aka Baby B) is no slacker though and is keeping up at 6wk1d with a heart rate of 109.

Now in Labor and Delivery we know that most of the time boys tend to have lower heart rates in utero than girls, but this is only after the onset of labor.  I'm pretty sure this doesn't hold true this early on, but it is pretty awesome to think there is one of each gender incubating right now.  No matter what, it's just amazing, and awesome, and astonishing, and awe-inspiring, and all the other adjectives I can think of along the alphabet.  

Momma B and I are so very lucky.  And PB & J are so named because they are both things that stick ... and we want them to continue to do so.  My love for these little beings is already growing by leaps and bounds, I can only imagine how much more it will grow as the weeks bring new surprises and adventures.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My New Theory

I've had two days of nausea that came and went, but was definitely not so fun.  I've woken up the last few days so extremely hungry that at times it turned into nausea.  Seriously not fun.  Saltines and ginger ale seemed to help, but not always.

Today, after getting woken up by my stomach growling, I came up with a different course of action.  I think perhaps my nausea may be tied to low blood sugar, so I tried eating something small every hour and a half to two hours.  It worked!  Not a single moment did I feel sick or ill at ease.  Today, other than the change in my eating habits, I felt normal.  Bliss.

Momma B and I are counting down the hours until our first ultrasound tomorrow.  We can't wait to see our little one's (or two's?) heartbeat.  I can only imagine at this moment how amazing it's going to feel!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How Did I Know?

I have always loved reading about everyone's 2WW symptoms before they found out they were pregnant.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  In the spirit of my fellow TTC'ers that are still trying and may be like me, I give you my 2WW symptoms:

  • Getting up to pee in the middle of the night -- EVERY night.  This started just a few days after the FET and hasn't stopped since.  It's never happened before.
  • AF-like cramps off and on each day, but the worst were the night of 5dp5dt -- the night before we got our positive on the home test.
  • Acne.  Yep, I'll admit it here.  My face broke out, my chest, and on 6dp5dt my back!  That is what got Momma B excited because of all the stuff she'd been reading on the internet and what got me to actually POAS (which, honestly, I was avoiding).
  • I was tired.  Like falling asleep in the car like a baby tired.
  • The veins in my breasts suddenly became visible like they'd never been before.
  • And I felt a pressure or full feeling in my uterus that never went away.
That's it.  Honestly.  For once I didn't have any of those symptoms that would psych me out during previous 2WW's.  I didn't think anything smelled different or stronger, my boobs didn't ache and my nipples didn't look like they'd gotten any darker, or any other symptom that can be normal but can be mistaken.  

On 7dp5dt I had some very slight dark spotting that I can only assume was implantation bleeding.  My boobs just started to hurt in the last couple of days (around 14dp5dt).  I'm still tired easily.  I still get up to pee in the middle of the night; in fact, now I pee more often throughout the day.  The cramping has nearly gone away, though occasionally I still feel them.  My skin - all of it - cleared up within a day or two after Momma B got so excited.  I still have that full feeling in my uterus and am bloated enough that my clothing is tighter.  

Now I'm just waiting on my third beta on Thursday.  With my symptoms getting stronger, though they tend to vary day to day, I'm confident that one will be just as good as the last two.  I'm so excited, but I have to say it just doesn't feel real yet.  I don't know when that moment will happen, but for now I just feel amazingly blessed, happy, and so so so lucky.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mi Casa es Su Casa

That is our mantra today after a downright delightful FET.

Both of our little frosty embryos not only survived the thawing process, but were eager to get things going as one had already hatched and the other was in the middle of hatching.  We are taking that as a good sign! No assisted hatching necessary for these little overachievers.

Two very happy mommies pre-FET.
(Don't mind Momma L's cross-eyes!)

Dr. M was his calm, encouraging self. All the staff were friendly and in a great mood today - a mood that completely reflected my own mood. I woke up well rested and joyful, such a difference from our IVF cycle. We got to my acupuncture appointment and though my regular acupuncturist wasn't there this weekend, her colleague had such a soft, gentle nature about her I almost felt it created even more peacefulness within me.

I think I walked through the entire morning with a slight sense of euphoria.

This entire cycle has been so relaxed and "normal" that I have intentionally been avoiding blogland to try and keep it that way. I am thankful for this blog and all the online support I've found, but I also find that I start to focus on what is going on with everyone else and find myself comparing our journey with theirs. I didn't want to do that to myself this time. I needed a bit of a break. I didn't even want to focus on what was going on in our own journey. I merely wanted to relax and just let life be. And it has been. What a relief.

My one year blog-o-versary came and passed, but I couldn't bring myself to make a post about it because at the time I didn't want to reflect on this last year and find myself unable to see what we have gained rather than what we haven't. So I let it go and still hadn't given it too much thought until yesterday when we learned some of the best news for our best friends. Then I was forced to look the last year in the face and not just acknowledge it, but thank all these past experiences for making me a stronger, more patient woman, for making me a more grateful woman!

Because of all this, we are more prepared than ever for all the possibilities of how this may turn out. Whether positive or not, we are happy to be where we are in life right here, right now. Yes, it may sound a bit corny, but we have great jobs, great friends and family, great health, and a great relationship. We are ready to add to that, but finally are fully aware of what we have.

So c'mon little frosties, all you need to do is stick around. Settle in, make yourselves at home. You have two mommies that are ready to have you join us in this blessed life of ours.
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