Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Future Acrobat

What a great day!  At exactly 11 weeks, we finally had our first OB appointment and got to see PB&J on screen again.  They were so much bigger than before, which duh that's obvious, but totally blew me away anyhow.  I wish I could show all of you a picture, but none of them really came out because we have a couple of active little ones.  Well, I should say mostly one active one ... J was dancing a jig in there and made it very difficult for the doc to get a good measurement, let alone a good snapshot.  PB was mostly chillin' until J kicked him/her in the head then we got to see PB dance a bit too.  OMG seriously it was the cutest thing - but of course, we're their moms so we may be just a little biased.  PB's heart rate was a calm 164, while J's was a spirited 176.  Despite old wives' tales, we're still convinced we have a boy and a girl in there.  Only time will tell.

After my OB appointment, Momma B and I hung out for her annual pap.  It was fun to watch the roles reverse for the first time and see her get poked and prodded - well, that was how she put it.  I'm just glad she's healthy and we got to meet another doc in the group.  He was quite jovial and we liked him a lot.  Momma B even suggested I change my primary OB over to him.  

On a more unfortunate note, I have a two-hour glucose screening test scheduled already.  I kind of knew it would be a possibility because of my weight, but I had hoped it wouldn't happen.  I know my weight puts me at higher risk, but thankfully I have no family history of diabetes.  Ah well.  It's better to be safe than sorry, right?!  Of course, the really fun part is if this test comes back normal I still have to return for the one-hour glucose screening at 24-28 weeks.  Awesome.  

In other news, I recently found out that I need glasses.  I picked them up today.  What do you think?

First specs ... not too shabby, yeah?!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Here I was all happy that pregnancy has been so good to me and telling everyone all about it ... other than the heartburn, but that's not really pregnancy's fault ... until a few days ago.  I totally jinxed myself.  The nausea has arrived.  Bummer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Okay, technically not their first, but you know ...
There is so much Momma B and I are thankful for this year, but we are especially thankful for these wonderful babies we are expecting.  However, this year has been full of wonderful moments and even more wonderful people that have shaped our lives and made our lives extremely rich!  I am also thankful for this blog that has connected me to a fabulous community that knows what the TTC process is like and celebrates and sympathizes together.  

I wish you all the most wonderful, loving Thanksgiving this year.  May all of you be blessed with many more memorable, cherished moments throughout the coming year!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Results Are In . . .

And 10 out of 14 of you, my dear blog friends, said the nursery should be done individually.  So if we have a boy and a girl, one crib should be done in each.  I agree.

Now, I don't think I'm going to do a full crib set as far as bumpers and pillows and comforters, all that.  Especially while they're really little, there's a lot of controversy regarding these items.  And though I don't totally buy into all of these safety warnings as I think our society is getting a little paranoid with regard to our children, I do like the aesthetics of a more minimal look for the cribs.  

Momma B and I find pictures of nurseries we are drawn to and almost every time it shows a crib without a bumper.  I rather like the clean, more modern look of it.  However, I absolutely want to make a crib skirt - and this is partially because of practical use.  With two little ones on the way, we have to be a little lot more economical in our choice of nursery furniture.  And as much as I love the cribs with the built in bottom drawer, it's not a practical choice for us.  Thus a crib skirt not only looks super cute, it allows us to still use that space for storage.  Perfect solution.

But by limiting myself to the crib skirt and sheets, I am finding other ways to utilize the awesome fabrics I found.  Of course, there will be pillows for the rocking chair and/or glider.  And my mom will be making plenty of quilts.  But there are other ideas in the works.  I'll share more later.

Interesting side note: Apparently my pregnancy has thrown off Momma B's cycle.  AF for her is almost a month late.  Anyone else experience this with their partners/wives?

Get Along Little Doggies

Courtesy of Health.com
Things in our household have been a little, um, challenging lately.  The main issue: my depression and the lack of treatment.  At our last appointment with Dr. S he made it a point to discourage me from taking my low-dose antidepressant unless I was suicidal.  Which, FYI, I'm not.  I'll admit it scared me a bit even though our beloved Dr. M, my past OB/GYN, a pregnancy risk hotline my OB/GYN referred to me, and my psychiatrist all told me my dose is low enough and the benefits are strong enough that taking my antidepressant is important and outweighs any potential, albeit small, risks.  However, despite all the recommendations I've received and all the research I've done, Dr. S's little speech left me very scared and I stopped taking my meds.

No meds means several things, some of which I am experiencing and some of which I'm not. Normally, I start to lose interest in everything and sleep sleep sleep.  My energy levels have actually been improving from what they were at the beginning of my pregnancy (when I was on my meds) and I'm still very happy and very interested in everything that is normal for me - and some new interests too!  However, no meds also means I have no patience and am apt to fly off the handle at any little thing that frustrates me.  As Momma B says, I lack my regulator.  And THAT is what has made the last couple weeks so challenging.

Poor Momma B.

Nothing in our household can truly frustrate me like our doggies.  I'll admit right here right now: I have not been a "dog person" most of my life.  I'm not even sure I'd qualify myself as one now, but these two doggies I've adopted have wiggled their way in my heart and though I still have some difficulty taking full parental responsibility for them, I'm getting there.  Unfortunately, our current living situation is not ideal for two very large, very energetic Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  And normally, if they take their boredom out on something in their immediate environment, I may get frustrated, but I also understand and Momma B and I try to do what we can to allow our big boys to get their energy out and receive a lot of love and support.  

Not lately.

We come home and any little thing that may be amiss, I get steaming mad in less than a second and cannot control the angry words and the volume of my voice.  I completely lose it.  Luckily, I usually get over it just as quickly and instantly feel bad for my lack of control.  Unfortunately, it's become a regular occurrence and it's been affecting communication between Momma B and I - causing a few arguments and tense moments.  Not a good situation.

So a couple nights ago, Momma B and I finally hashed everything out and though it was one of those gut-wrenching, tear-inducing, brutally-honest conversations that take it all out of us, it also ends up being the best conversation we could have ever had because we figure out so much we never thought we could and we end up feeling closer than ever.  Yeah, one of those.

We concluded two things: 1) I definitely need to be back on my meds.  This is a not a comprehensive explanation of how my depression has been affecting me, just one example.  And no one, it seems, can say definitively how either affects the fetus - studies are difficult to come by and/or small and all SSRIs are grouped together - so it truly has to be an individual choice.  So one small scare and one recommendation against half a dozen others should not be enough to deflect what I need; because ultimately it comes down to taking care of myself so I can take care of our babies.  And 2) our senior citizen doggies (nearly 7- and 8-years-old) now need to be crate trained - because what we are currently doing to try and prevent problems/destruction is obviously not working and will not even be possible once the babies are here. 

Ultimately, we both realized that now that we're pregnant, our outlooks are different and decisions rest on what is best for our family.  Because that is what we are now.  Not to say that we weren't before, but we were a family of two only.  Life really only involved us.  We now have to think beyond ourselves and THAT will make the rest of our lives a bit challenging.  ; )

Monday, November 14, 2011

Want A Chance?!

How awesome would it be to win your very own HP TouchSmart 320 Computer?! Personally, being of the semi-thrifty sort, I think it would be pretty awesome!

A wonderful crafty, motherly blog I follow, No Big Dill, is currently hosting this wonderful giveaway and I think perhaps a few - or all - of you should check it out. Why not?! You could lose, but you could also win. And that is just, well, awesome.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project: Nursery - Preparatory Stages

I don't know if any of you remember (as this was nearly a year ago), but Momma B's parents got us a crib and a changing table for Christmas last year.  I actually never thought much of the style or use of it until now because, well, we weren't pregnant.  And it's been sitting in the closet of the guest room ever since.  However, we're now at a point where we have to think about a nursery and I realized that the crib, though really nice, is definitely not our style.  Our space is on the smaller side and we're unsure of whether we can fit two full-sized cribs in there or if we need to go with mini-cribs.  In addition, we definitely are going to need at least one dresser with twins and the space we have does not allow for a dresser, two cribs, a glider, and a changing table.  We need to get furniture that's a little more multi-functional.  We're now thinking they need to be returned for something that is more "us" and more in-line with what limited visual we have of what we want the nursery to be.  

This is the crib, changing table/dresser, and glider we want:

Now, I know I've just gotten back into sewing - and perhaps I'm being overly ambitious - but I really want to make the crib sets for PB&J.  I want to make as much as I can for the nursery, actually.  I have a fabulous book by Amy Butler called Little Stitches for Little Ones that has many different things that come so close to what I've had pictured in my head, so it's been a wonderful inspiration.  And just yesterday I found the fabric collection that I want to make the nursery set; thankfully, Momma B loves it just as much!  So I present to you the Alphabet Soup collections:
Alphabet Soup - Boy (Riley Blake Designs)

Alphabet Soup - Girl (Riley Blake Designs)

After the FET, Momma B and I couldn't get twins off the brain and, well, ta-da!  Now, honestly, I can't shake the feeling that we have one of each gender in there.  I won't be disappointed if my instincts are not correct, but that is really what my heart is telling me. SO I have a question for you, my dear readers and blog-friends, if there is one of each - how would you coordinate the nursery?  Personally, I'm leaning toward having one crib set in the boy collection and one in the girl, since the color pallet is exactly the same and the coordinating fabrics are also the same.  I think it would be so cute to have it look similar, yet different.  Yet the boy collection is quite neutral so really would work for both genders.  So would you make each crib set the same or coordinate between the two?  Please help!  (Poll is to the right and will be open all week!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Love

Yesterday we had our second u/s and our unofficial "graduation" from the RE.  So strange to think we won't see any of our favorite docs and nurses until Momma B's turn in a couple years.  In a way I'm not sorry to say goodbye because there's only one of two ways that usually happens and we're definitely leaving for only the best reason!

PB&J are thriving and it is still so amazing to see and hear them.  You would think working in L&D that hearing baby heartbeats wouldn't be so spectacular, but this time they belong to us (and, honestly, even when they don't they're always joyful sounds)!  Our babies are looking more like, well, babies.  

PB has a strong HR of 178 and is measuring 8w2d.  J, on the other hand, has jumped a bit ahead measuring 8w5d with an equally strong HR of 161.  Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?

Of course, one of the first questions we hear is if and when we find out their gender.  I find this quite amusing how stuck everyone gets on knowing.  Now personally I would go crazy having to wait until they were born before finding out, but sometimes my sinister side thinks maybe we should wait just to drive everyone else nuts too.  I couldn't do it, but every now and again I have a secret laugh inside at the thought.  But I get it.  It definitely makes shopping a bit easier, for one.  And though Momma B and I are not the girls that get hung up on pink and blue, we're still the type that think in terms of feminine and masculine and want some specific touches in the nursery that we're not able to pin down while their genders remain up in the air.  (Future post is already in the works re: the nursery ideas.  I may elicit some help from all of you.)

I must say though that thus far I am definitely counting my blessings in how well pregnancy has been treating me.  I read my books and your blogs and pregnancy forums - and I realize there is a lot of un-fun stuff that could be affecting me, but isn't.  Thank you, PB&J for taking it easy on your momma!  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramblings . . .

Things are going well on the pregnancy front.  The main issue is heartburn.  Some days it's a raging inferno and other days just a pile of smoldering embers.  And, occasionally, I get a day like today where it's dormant and I can breathe fully again.  Honestly, I'm unsure which would be worse: constant nausea or constant heartburn.  I'm gonna say they're both equally miserable.  Of course, it doesn't help that I already suffer from GERD and have to take a pill daily or life is just burning and painful.  Unfortunately, our beloved Dr. M said no no no to my regular medication because it's not proven un/safe during pregnancy; thus we didn't want to take the risk of potential problems during the first trimester, but once we reach that first milestone I can finally resume the only med that actually shows heartburn who's boss!  In the meantime, TUMS, Earth Mama Angel Baby tea, and (surprise!) ginger ale have been my best friends.  They all work okay and I have to say it's definitely better than having nothing at all.  I also take Pepcid every night, but I'm pretty sure that was just a big waste of $$ because it does nothing for me.  Babies, good thing I love you so much and want you so badly because I'm already making BIG sacrifices for you!  ;)

Grey & Yellow onsies - a steal at only $4
77Kids Hoodie - bargain deal at $3

Sunday, Momma B and I decided to do a little window shopping for PB&J.  Given we're still months away from knowing what gender these little ones are, finding specific items is a little more difficult at this point, but that doesn't stop us from oohhing and aahhing over everything we loved!  We also couldn't resist buying a couple things that are gender-neutral because they were on clearance.  We definitely can't resist a bargain.  Shopping also made us realize how much more the up-front costs will be for twins.  Day to day I don't believe it will be that much more as I plan/hope to exclusively BF and we are definitely determined to make cloth diapering work for us - twins or no twins.  Of course, we could be totally kidding ourselves in our naïveté, but I am busy reading and researching so I like to think I make these statements with a fair amount of confidence.  Only time will tell.

Our next u/s is on Friday and we're hoping, of course, to actually see more than the lightening bug flashes on the screen.  It's so amazing to think just a month ago PB&J were only the size of a poppy seed and now they're the size of raspberries!  And in only a couple of weeks they'll be the size of limes!  Nuts.  No one seems to relate the sizes to things other than fruit, which I find extremely amusing, but I'm glad for the visual no matter what object is used to relate it to.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sew Fun

Nothing like getting pregnant to light a fire under my @$$ to do things that I've been meaning to do for months, nay, years!  I've dabbled in my knitting and collected many pattern books, but haven't ever gotten serious about it to take it to the next level.  Same with sewing.  I got a wonderful shiny new sewing machine from Momma B the Christmas before last, but have never actually taken it out of the box.  The project list has stacked up and the patterns have multiplied.

Then like magic, Groupon offered a steal for three sewing classes.  And I bought it, excited and ready.  That was in August.  I finally attended my first class tonight.

I forgot just how much I love sewing, love being creative and creating.  I forgot how much the sound of a sewing machine makes me feel loved and at home.  My grandmother sewed for us growing up and my mother is to this day an avid quilter.  There is something that intrinsically links me to these women as that needle pierces fabric and takes shape.  Apparently, I've felt this for the last few years as the desire has always been there, but it took getting pregnant and having a very definitive goal (with a deadline, no less) ahead of me to push past that invisible barrier and truly get it.  Call it old-fashioned, corny, romantic, but I love the idea of holding up the traditions of my maternal family line.  I now know a little of what it feels like to want to pass this love of craft down the line further.


Tonight's foray into the sewing world was nothing spectacular or extraordinary, but it was a breakthrough nonetheless and I came home to Momma B breathless with excitement like a little girl.  I'm hooked.  (I've already bookmarked future classes - and, yes, some knitting classes are included.)

So I present to you the finished product.  The first handmade item for our babies' nursery. Pure love.

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