Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Love

Yesterday we had our second u/s and our unofficial "graduation" from the RE.  So strange to think we won't see any of our favorite docs and nurses until Momma B's turn in a couple years.  In a way I'm not sorry to say goodbye because there's only one of two ways that usually happens and we're definitely leaving for only the best reason!

PB&J are thriving and it is still so amazing to see and hear them.  You would think working in L&D that hearing baby heartbeats wouldn't be so spectacular, but this time they belong to us (and, honestly, even when they don't they're always joyful sounds)!  Our babies are looking more like, well, babies.  

PB has a strong HR of 178 and is measuring 8w2d.  J, on the other hand, has jumped a bit ahead measuring 8w5d with an equally strong HR of 161.  Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?

Of course, one of the first questions we hear is if and when we find out their gender.  I find this quite amusing how stuck everyone gets on knowing.  Now personally I would go crazy having to wait until they were born before finding out, but sometimes my sinister side thinks maybe we should wait just to drive everyone else nuts too.  I couldn't do it, but every now and again I have a secret laugh inside at the thought.  But I get it.  It definitely makes shopping a bit easier, for one.  And though Momma B and I are not the girls that get hung up on pink and blue, we're still the type that think in terms of feminine and masculine and want some specific touches in the nursery that we're not able to pin down while their genders remain up in the air.  (Future post is already in the works re: the nursery ideas.  I may elicit some help from all of you.)

I must say though that thus far I am definitely counting my blessings in how well pregnancy has been treating me.  I read my books and your blogs and pregnancy forums - and I realize there is a lot of un-fun stuff that could be affecting me, but isn't.  Thank you, PB&J for taking it easy on your momma!  

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  1. They look great! Congrats on the graduation--and yes, definitely for the better reason! You could always find out and then lie about it to leave everyone hanging. Sometimes I think about that, when I get in an evil mood...


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