Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Future Acrobat

What a great day!  At exactly 11 weeks, we finally had our first OB appointment and got to see PB&J on screen again.  They were so much bigger than before, which duh that's obvious, but totally blew me away anyhow.  I wish I could show all of you a picture, but none of them really came out because we have a couple of active little ones.  Well, I should say mostly one active one ... J was dancing a jig in there and made it very difficult for the doc to get a good measurement, let alone a good snapshot.  PB was mostly chillin' until J kicked him/her in the head then we got to see PB dance a bit too.  OMG seriously it was the cutest thing - but of course, we're their moms so we may be just a little biased.  PB's heart rate was a calm 164, while J's was a spirited 176.  Despite old wives' tales, we're still convinced we have a boy and a girl in there.  Only time will tell.

After my OB appointment, Momma B and I hung out for her annual pap.  It was fun to watch the roles reverse for the first time and see her get poked and prodded - well, that was how she put it.  I'm just glad she's healthy and we got to meet another doc in the group.  He was quite jovial and we liked him a lot.  Momma B even suggested I change my primary OB over to him.  

On a more unfortunate note, I have a two-hour glucose screening test scheduled already.  I kind of knew it would be a possibility because of my weight, but I had hoped it wouldn't happen.  I know my weight puts me at higher risk, but thankfully I have no family history of diabetes.  Ah well.  It's better to be safe than sorry, right?!  Of course, the really fun part is if this test comes back normal I still have to return for the one-hour glucose screening at 24-28 weeks.  Awesome.  

In other news, I recently found out that I need glasses.  I picked them up today.  What do you think?

First specs ... not too shabby, yeah?!


  1. Very cute specs! :)
    I had gestational diabetes with Ashley. It wasn't too bad, I just had to be more careful about what I ate and take my walks. She did end up being a large baby. 8 pounds 11 ounces.
    (That all changed, though. She is tiny compared to myself at her age.)
    You are going to be so good at this! I am very, very happy for you!!

  2. Ummm hello! I want to see pictures anyway!! And bummer about the glucose test, hopefully its not bad and the results are normal! And really cute glasses, love em!

  3. yay, congrats on the great appointment!

    and i love the specs, very cute :)

  4. the glasses are great! The two rounds of glucose nasty are not--sorry you've got to do it twice!

  5. our little one is super active too. Especially at U/S time. and our surro has to do the glucose test as well...she keeps talking about the sugary crappy liquid drink she has to imbibe. Sounds disgusting.

    Cool specs!


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