Sunday, November 13, 2011

Project: Nursery - Preparatory Stages

I don't know if any of you remember (as this was nearly a year ago), but Momma B's parents got us a crib and a changing table for Christmas last year.  I actually never thought much of the style or use of it until now because, well, we weren't pregnant.  And it's been sitting in the closet of the guest room ever since.  However, we're now at a point where we have to think about a nursery and I realized that the crib, though really nice, is definitely not our style.  Our space is on the smaller side and we're unsure of whether we can fit two full-sized cribs in there or if we need to go with mini-cribs.  In addition, we definitely are going to need at least one dresser with twins and the space we have does not allow for a dresser, two cribs, a glider, and a changing table.  We need to get furniture that's a little more multi-functional.  We're now thinking they need to be returned for something that is more "us" and more in-line with what limited visual we have of what we want the nursery to be.  

This is the crib, changing table/dresser, and glider we want:

Now, I know I've just gotten back into sewing - and perhaps I'm being overly ambitious - but I really want to make the crib sets for PB&J.  I want to make as much as I can for the nursery, actually.  I have a fabulous book by Amy Butler called Little Stitches for Little Ones that has many different things that come so close to what I've had pictured in my head, so it's been a wonderful inspiration.  And just yesterday I found the fabric collection that I want to make the nursery set; thankfully, Momma B loves it just as much!  So I present to you the Alphabet Soup collections:
Alphabet Soup - Boy (Riley Blake Designs)

Alphabet Soup - Girl (Riley Blake Designs)

After the FET, Momma B and I couldn't get twins off the brain and, well, ta-da!  Now, honestly, I can't shake the feeling that we have one of each gender in there.  I won't be disappointed if my instincts are not correct, but that is really what my heart is telling me. SO I have a question for you, my dear readers and blog-friends, if there is one of each - how would you coordinate the nursery?  Personally, I'm leaning toward having one crib set in the boy collection and one in the girl, since the color pallet is exactly the same and the coordinating fabrics are also the same.  I think it would be so cute to have it look similar, yet different.  Yet the boy collection is quite neutral so really would work for both genders.  So would you make each crib set the same or coordinate between the two?  Please help!  (Poll is to the right and will be open all week!)


  1. Oooh! I love *love* the fabric choices. And the crib, dresser and glider you picked out are marvelous. :) I love the clean lines of them! :)

    Go do that poll once I figure out how to get to it. :)

  2. Although, visually, I find twins dressed up the same to be extremely cute, I think it's best to foster individuality in twins. I have no research or data to back this up, but I've worked with several sets of twins who have stunted language development, and I think it is influenced by their tendency to twin-speak... to be so wrapped up in each other that they develop their own language and don't bother to extend that beyond their sibling. In my limited encounters with twins, it seems that a lot of the ones I've worked with have been dressed the same. -Meli

  3. I love the fabric! (i'm going to see if she has any collections that match my theme as soon as I'm done commenting, actually). My vote is to stick with the 'boy' fabrics for the main stuff (because I think the primary print is the cutest of all of these) but to do coordinating stuff in different accent fabric--maybe the blue and gray balls for the boy and the red/pink and orange ones for the girl). That way they look different but still mostly the same, and it's not as overwhelming as having all of those similar but not quite matching prints. I'll also vote for mini-cribs--ours still looks huge to me, and they won't want to stay in them forever. Eventually you'll be moving on to toddler beds anyway, so give yourself some extra space for the lovely glider!

  4. isa ... i totally see what you mean and have to say it makes sense. and initially i was totally going in the direction of mini-cribs, but then i noticed they don't convert to toddler beds, only twin size beds ... ahhhhhh ... too much to think about already!!! lol

  5. Totally cute fabrics! I think if it were me I'd choose a neutral pattern for the main crib sets and then accent with more "boyish" or "girlish" patterns.

    Also, a word of advice on the glider, make sure it is easily washable. If your babies are spitter-uppers like our guy was you're going to be wiping it down a lot!

  6. One more thing on mini-cribs, though: do you have room in your kids' room for two full size beds? Or are you going to do twins anyway? Our nursery is teeny weeny, so no way would a full bed fit in there. We'll be lucky if we get a twin! Poor kid's going to have to sleep on the living room couch at this rate... Anyway, the best toddler bed I have ever seen was a crib mattress (not sure what size) set directly on top of a larger, twin mattress (with a sheet, obviously). The kid could get into and out of bed easily, make their own bed, and had a soft place to play, plus their parents only had to buy the two mattresses they needed. Just a thought..

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  8. I like Isa's idea about a main fabric with coordinating but boy/girl colors to accent.
    Also, although full size cribs seem big to a newborn my first daughter slept in hers until she was 3 and then went straight to a twin. You can also skip the toddler bed stage if they climb out of the crib early and put the crib mattress directly on the floor until they are ready for "Big Kid" beds.

  9. I would incline toward coordinating more than matching myself, but that's just my personal tendency.

    I also just wanted to share a thought on the mini-cribs. We have one for Critter that he slept in for a while, and which we were planning on using until he was big enough for a toddler bed, since we have rather limited space as well. However, by the time we were ready to transition him from our room to his own room, he'd outgrown the mini-crib. He's not a huge child (he actually tends to be around the 60th percentile), but he's very active in his sleeping and in his getting-ready-to-sleep stage. He was constantly banging against the crib bars. So we ended up getting him a full-sized crib anyway, and he sleeps much better. (We got it off craigslist, incidentally; don't know how you feel about that but I have seen twin nursery sets listed on there, at least around here. We did get him a new mattress, though.)

    I don't know how big/active your babies will be, and that's not really something you can know in advance, but... I just thought I would mention our experience.

    Oh, and we use Critter's dresser as his changing table too, and it works really well for us. We do have a tall, narrow set of drawers right next to it, and we keep things like diaper creams in a drawer that's easy to reach while changing him.

    Have fun with your nursery! Oh, and since I think I missed saying it initially, congratulations on twins!

  10. What you picked out are marvelous, love them:)


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