Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ramblings . . .

Things are going well on the pregnancy front.  The main issue is heartburn.  Some days it's a raging inferno and other days just a pile of smoldering embers.  And, occasionally, I get a day like today where it's dormant and I can breathe fully again.  Honestly, I'm unsure which would be worse: constant nausea or constant heartburn.  I'm gonna say they're both equally miserable.  Of course, it doesn't help that I already suffer from GERD and have to take a pill daily or life is just burning and painful.  Unfortunately, our beloved Dr. M said no no no to my regular medication because it's not proven un/safe during pregnancy; thus we didn't want to take the risk of potential problems during the first trimester, but once we reach that first milestone I can finally resume the only med that actually shows heartburn who's boss!  In the meantime, TUMS, Earth Mama Angel Baby tea, and (surprise!) ginger ale have been my best friends.  They all work okay and I have to say it's definitely better than having nothing at all.  I also take Pepcid every night, but I'm pretty sure that was just a big waste of $$ because it does nothing for me.  Babies, good thing I love you so much and want you so badly because I'm already making BIG sacrifices for you!  ;)

Grey & Yellow onsies - a steal at only $4
77Kids Hoodie - bargain deal at $3

Sunday, Momma B and I decided to do a little window shopping for PB&J.  Given we're still months away from knowing what gender these little ones are, finding specific items is a little more difficult at this point, but that doesn't stop us from oohhing and aahhing over everything we loved!  We also couldn't resist buying a couple things that are gender-neutral because they were on clearance.  We definitely can't resist a bargain.  Shopping also made us realize how much more the up-front costs will be for twins.  Day to day I don't believe it will be that much more as I plan/hope to exclusively BF and we are definitely determined to make cloth diapering work for us - twins or no twins.  Of course, we could be totally kidding ourselves in our naïveté, but I am busy reading and researching so I like to think I make these statements with a fair amount of confidence.  Only time will tell.

Our next u/s is on Friday and we're hoping, of course, to actually see more than the lightening bug flashes on the screen.  It's so amazing to think just a month ago PB&J were only the size of a poppy seed and now they're the size of raspberries!  And in only a couple of weeks they'll be the size of limes!  Nuts.  No one seems to relate the sizes to things other than fruit, which I find extremely amusing, but I'm glad for the visual no matter what object is used to relate it to.  


  1. Ah yes, the fruit and food comparisons to an embryo/fetus/baby...I posted something about that last week. Looking good..and look forward to the next post. Take care.

  2. love the clothes you bought! :)

    fwiw, we cloth diaper three, so it is totally doable if you are committed. with more than one in diapers, the financial aspect alone is worth it!

  3. Bummer about the heartburn...hopefully the first tri will go by fast and you can start feeling better! Love that you found gray mom would shit...she hates that Spice and I love the color gray...teee heee!!

  4. have you tried papaya enzymes? I keep hearing that they help as much as tums, so maybe it'd be worth a try? Yay for itty bitty baby clothes! I keep finding vintage stuff at thrift stores that is making me SO anxious to have someone to try them out on! Are you guys going to learn the genders early, or wait until they arrive?

  5. I love that you always manage to find the perfect image to go in your posts!

  6. another vote for cloth diapering twins! totally doable. love the cute outfits. so exciting. heartburn was bad for me too. especially at night. tea, carmel hard candies and bubbly water helped me. oh and wintergreen tums!


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