Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Results Are In . . .

And 10 out of 14 of you, my dear blog friends, said the nursery should be done individually.  So if we have a boy and a girl, one crib should be done in each.  I agree.

Now, I don't think I'm going to do a full crib set as far as bumpers and pillows and comforters, all that.  Especially while they're really little, there's a lot of controversy regarding these items.  And though I don't totally buy into all of these safety warnings as I think our society is getting a little paranoid with regard to our children, I do like the aesthetics of a more minimal look for the cribs.  

Momma B and I find pictures of nurseries we are drawn to and almost every time it shows a crib without a bumper.  I rather like the clean, more modern look of it.  However, I absolutely want to make a crib skirt - and this is partially because of practical use.  With two little ones on the way, we have to be a little lot more economical in our choice of nursery furniture.  And as much as I love the cribs with the built in bottom drawer, it's not a practical choice for us.  Thus a crib skirt not only looks super cute, it allows us to still use that space for storage.  Perfect solution.

But by limiting myself to the crib skirt and sheets, I am finding other ways to utilize the awesome fabrics I found.  Of course, there will be pillows for the rocking chair and/or glider.  And my mom will be making plenty of quilts.  But there are other ideas in the works.  I'll share more later.

Interesting side note: Apparently my pregnancy has thrown off Momma B's cycle.  AF for her is almost a month late.  Anyone else experience this with their partners/wives?


  1. Yes, Beth experienced most of pregnancy with me - weight changes, cycle changes, mood swings, even breast changes. She was extremely happy when I weaned the last one and she finally got her pre-pregnancy body back!

  2. Philosophically I totally think individualized cribs are best, but from a practical standpoint I think it makes more sense to have a bunch of interchangeable sheets so you don't have find the "right" one and make sure you have the "right" one clean and ready for a quick change. My two cents. :)

  3. Laura ... good to know and be prepared for. ;)

    Hope ... I agree! I think the bed skirts will definitely be coordinated, but different. And I'm hoping to make all my own (many!) sheets, but I also need to look into cost. lol ...


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