Sunday, January 29, 2012

Body Changes

I look back at some of my previous posts and feel sad for the part of me that was so very afraid of being fat and pregnant.  It has been a beautiful paradigm shift - the wonder that is currently my body continues to hold me in awe.  I am not afraid to show it off.  In the past, I often had hateful thoughts particularly about my belly, but now I am nearly in love with it.  I love the round softness that is taking shape.  I love to touch and look at it, knowing what is taking place inside.  There isn't an ounce of animosity.  Momma B's fascination with my body - and especially my belly - has increased as the pregnancy has advanced and she makes me feel more wonderful than ever.  It's a relief of a change. 

There are a couple things I miss about life pre-pregnancy.  I miss being able to brush my teeth without gagging.  I had thought this would go away after the first trimester, and though it has abated some, it is still there each and every time.  Joy.  I also miss being able to breathe.  I've become a mouth breather during half the day as I feel I can never get enough air through my nose.  Chapstick has become my best friend since dry lips come hand-in-hand with this particular sort of breathing technique.  Walking upstairs has become quite the breathing feat and cleaning requires frequent breaks.  In other words, the second trimester is definitely better than the first and pregnancy is treating me very well.  If this is the worst, I think I can handle it just fine.

Tomorrow is a big day for PB&J.  Tomorrow morning we meet with the perinatologist for the first time and have our 20 week anatomy scan.  We're really hoping to get some good u/s pictures of these little boys.  We haven't gotten any clear, beautiful photos for quite awhile because they are always too active and barely allow Dr. G to trace their heart rates. Okay, perhaps I should say we're hoping for two very healthy boys, but I have to admit it's a worry neither Momma B nor I have had.  I'll admit, we go through nearly everything in our lives assuming things will be exactly the way they're meant to be.  Naive? Overly optimistic?  Realistic?  Guess it all depends on your own approach to life, but no matter what, we will roll with the punches so to speak.  We have the love for these boys and the support in each other and in our families and friends to get through anything life may throw at us.  So hopefully some great photos to come!  

Have any of you looked up the Chinese gender prediction charts?  Well, I'm here to tell you they're pretty damn accurate!  I'm happy to announce it's raining BOYS!  I've looked them up for me - BOY(s), my awesome friend N who's ten days ahead of me - BOY, and now our sister-in-law who's six weeks behind me - BOY!  What a fun time PB&J are going to have growing up.  A built in BFF with J and N's little guy; and now a cousin the same age to go visit in San Diego for all the holidays and summers.  Funny thing is, it really is boy season.  Most of the women in our MoMs group are also pregnant with twin boys.  Seems we missed the girl season by at least six months.  Ah well.  Poor Momma B, now she's getting even more pressure to have a girl when we start this TTC process again in a couple years.  Guess we'll have to consult the charts first!  


  1. You are a beautiful Momma, and as self-conscious as you might sometimes feel, believe me, you glow and radiate a healthy and radiant beauty. Your pregnancy suits you so well! Now admittedly biased as a friend I may be, but I really do mean it!

    Good luck with the scan tomorrow, you will come back with nothing but great news about two healthy and thriving little boys I am sure! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Shoot, now I have to go see what it says I'm having. Can't wait to see your gorgeous little guys in their next photo op!

  3. that's so crazy it's so accurate huh! I know N was going to post about it too, it just blows us away!
    Hoping for good pics of those B's! :D


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