Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life, So Far

I'm on disability.  Already.  Overall, pregnancy has been uneventful.  Until the last week and a half at work when I started getting consistent cramping, lightheadedness, and generalized feelings of something not quite right.  It was time and Dr. G knew it - I knew it.  Though it made me nervous initially, I'm starting to settle into the idea.  The financial aspect isn't a big source of stress since we luckily live in a state that provides long-term pregnancy disability.  However, I've only been at my job for four months and am not covered by FMLA; additionally, my maternity coverage is only four months - hopefully, I should be pregnant longer than that.  So I'm worried about having a job to come back to, but as Momma B said I cannot focus on that too much - what will be, will be.  And she's right.  I need to focus on these little boys.  

It feels like my body was far more exhausted than I realized.  Since being put on disability on Friday, after a very busy weekend with friends and family, I can't seem to get enough sleep and rest these last few days.  It's still been a fairly busy week.  Monday night we went to a MoMs breastfeeding support group that turned out to be just us and a mother of boy/girl twins that talked with us extensively one-on-one, giving us a lot of very helpful information.  Yesterday afternoon I met with the MoMs exercise physiologist before she went out on maternity leave to learn things I can do to keep active throughout the rest of my pregnancy, if I were to be put on bedrest and after the babies are born.  Right after that meeting, Momma B met me in the hospital lobby for our personal tour of the Labor and Delivery unit and NICU.  Then tonight we went to our weekly MoMs class.  Tomorrow I have my hair appointment and I have to go to the doctor's office to get my disability paperwork signed.  

Now, under normal circumstances none of this sounds like it's too much or too busy, but these days my energy levels are a lot lower (something I honestly didn't expect).  So this feels like it's go-go-go and am I tired!  Pathetic, isn't it?!

Of course, the luxury is that I can sleep in most days.  Thus I know it won't be long before I start to feel better and not so exhausted.  After today, I already feeling like I'm getting there.  Thank goodness too, there's so much to get ready and do before these boys arrive!

In other news, there are some interesting things going on with and within my body:  
  • I'm already starting to get the linea nigra, Momma B noticed it today.  
  • I also noticed a stretch mark starting on either side of my belly button.  Normally, this might freak me out a bit, but I have to say with the pregnancy I find things like this more fascinating than disturbing.  Right now they're very small and I continue to cover my belly in lotion at least twice a day, but can't fight genetics, right?!  
  • PB&J are very active every night and sometimes throughout the day.  Unfortunately, we haven't gotten to a point yet where Momma B can feel them kicking around in there. 


  1. So very glad to see a post from you! :) While I'm sure disability wasn't on your list of things to do during the course of this pregnancy, hopefully it will all work out in the end and PB&J will stay comfy on the inside and rest along with you :)

  2. Well, I'm sorry about disability, but glad you have it as an option. It sounds like everything is getting ready! And no, you can't fight genetics. :(


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