Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is It . . .

Once pregnancy happens, life seems to be a little more boring?  Or at least feels less blog-able?  Perhaps this stuff is more interesting than I think, but in my head the things I think or those things that do happen are minor and not really of interest to anyone but myself or Momma B.

Feel free to skim through this because I'm going to write it down anyhow - in my lame attempt at being a better blogger.

It's been hard going through the last couple weeks without hearing PB&J's heartbeats.  I have found my anxiety growing a bit this last week since I thought I could no longer feel them move.  Turns out those feelings were not consistent - in how I felt them or when.  I would go days without feeling a thing and when I did feel something it was no longer the bubble feeling it started out to be.  Thus I started to doubt what I was feeling really was babies.  

Tuesday I attempted to nap before work and had two separate nightmares that we couldn't find heartbeats for either baby.  Talk about being freaked out!  On a night I had hoped for a slower work night so I could sneak a listen with the Doppler, of course it was busy with women in labor.  Unfortunately, the nightmares were the least of my problems as I was not feeling well in general, but tried to power through.  During my lunch break, I started to get lightheaded and nauseated.  I thought it was just low blood sugar so I ate my pasta and drank some juice.  I waited for the feeling to subside, but no.  My co-workers encouraged me to go home.  I started to cry because it was a busy night and I didn't want to leave them short on nurses.  I continued to cry because I didn't like feeling incompetent due to my pregnancy.  Each of them told me my babies are too important and convinced me to go home finally.  

Later that day, I started to get a lot of mild cramping in my uterus and a headache that refused to go away.  I slept most of the day and woke up at some point soaking wet.  My fever had finally broke.  After that, I began to slowly feel better, the cramping was subsiding and last night I know I felt PB&J move and kick!  Such a relief.    

Momma B asked me Wednesday morning when I came home from work if perhaps I was sick from the anxiety and nightmares.  I was almost convinced she was right until the fever started and broke.  I'm pretty sure now it's the other way around: I was getting anxious and having nightmares because my body was fighting off this illness.  

The cramping is totally gone, the lightheaded feeling is gone, and my headache, though still present, is mild.  Thankfully I avoided a trip to the hospital and I feel well enough to go to work tonight.  We have an OB appointment tomorrow morning (I was not able to get it rescheduled any sooner though I tried yesterday morning).  We'll finally get to see and hear these little guys again.  Plus I've felt them both move again this morning.  Even bigger relief!

As I said, life is pretty boring.  My blood sugars are still not cooperating though my Glyburide dosage has been increased twice now.  I'm still tired a lot, but feel pretty close to normal most days.  I am hungry all the time and still craving anything heavy in protein - meat, milk, cheese, nuts, you name it!  

How cute are these baby rockets?!
Momma B picked up our cribs early this week and the crib sets we ordered also arrived (despite my initial desire to make the crib sheets and skirts, it ended up being cheaper to buy them and I feel a little better knowing I won't mess them up with my beginner sewing skills!).  This weekend is supposed to be a wet one and the weatherman said no traveling into the Sierras without chains ... so though we were hoping to take a day trip to Lake Tahoe this weekend, it looks like we'll be setting up the nursery instead!  Yay!

Between feeling better, finally seeing babies again tomorrow, setting up the nursery this weekend and breakfast with my family on Sunday - it should be a nice, boring weekend!  Hope yours is too.  

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  1. I LOVE the rockets, we were very close to getting them too for our little one and we even have one of the matching changing pad covers, even though it doesn't fit our changing pad.


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