Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 weeks!

Healthy boys!  (Yep, despite my many dreams that one is actually a girl, they're both still very obviously boys.)  Exciting to know they're doing so well.  They're measuring slightly ahead (I was 19w6d at the time of the appointment), but still within the normal range.  PB is measuring 20w4d and approximately 13 ounces.  J is measuring 20w2d and approximately 12 ounces.  J also is determined that we'll never get a good picture of him.  The entire time he lay with his back to us and made it slightly difficult for the technician.  Shy kid already?  Time will tell.  Whereas PB yet again gave us a gorgeous profile pic.  Momma B is convinced he's gonna be our more outgoing, athletic one.  All because he's more photogenic?!  She cracks me up!

PB showing off, as usual!
Shy little J trying to hide his face.

I actually wanted to pose for a belly shot this week, but after half a dozen pictures, I was disappointed.  I'm proud of this belly, but I just realized today how puffy my face looks and how my nose actually looks like it's grown.  Le sigh.  Despite all that, I had to move past such silliness and appreciate what my body is doing.  I'm trying to be proud of this picture!

20w1d - with a full belly after dinner!


  1. Awe! I love your picture! You look beautiful! Congrats on 20 weeks, its so exciting to finally be here!

  2. aw, such cute pictures! glad to hear the scan went well :)

  3. LOVE this!!! You look GREAT!!! Happy 1/2 way!! :)

  4. I always felt the same way about belly shots. I felt like I looked exhausted in everyone. I think you look blissfully happy and lovely in the shot. Thanx for sharing. -S

  5. Oh, you look adorable! As do your boys!

  6. You look great! Yayy 20wks!!!


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