Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Pain, No Gain

These last couple of weeks, I've found that pregnancy can bring some interesting aches and pains.  Such a joyful discovery.

During week 20, I developed pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel in my left wrist only.  Of course this happens after I stop working and in the hand that is non-dominant and really not involved in any repetitive motions that I can think of.  Random.  Now I'm super sexy at night with my wrist brace.

This week, my right knee has begun to hurt - it's especially bad in the mornings.  According to Dr. G this is all related to that wonderful hormone relaxin.  I kind of figured, but it didn't make any sense to me because I never actually did anything to injure it.  Well, not lately.  However, this wonderful hormone likes to bring old injuries back to haunt you.  That knee sprain I got during my military/running days eight years ago?  Hello old friend.

Thankfully, these aches and pains are bearable and nothing a little Tylenol can't make even more tolerable.  Not that I wouldn't be happier if they went away.  Like now.  I try not to be a big wus (aka annoying whiny weakling), but apparently I only have a high pain tolerance for things I intentionally do to myself - ie, tattoos and piercings - not for those I cannot choose or control.  It's starting to make me look at delivery time a little differently.  

The fun part of pregnancy?  Feeling these little boys party in my belly.  They definitely have fairly set hours.  (I'm keeping note of these times so I can compare their rhythms - in utero and out.)  AND Momma B finally, positively felt them kick this morning.  After satisfying my craving for donuts, which these boys liked a bit too much, they were literally bouncing off the walls and PB gave Momma B a solid kick to her hand.  The look on her face along with her startled laughter will be ingrained in my memory forever.  After weeks of maybe-I-felt-that's or no-I-don't-feel-that's, this moment was priceless.  Thanks boys.  You just made both your momma's very happy!

The other day our princess kittie, Lola, was trying to feel them move too.  We caught a bit on video.  It was too cute.



  1. That's so great she felt them!! It's so cool and it continues to get even more fun! Nice boob shot in the video too! haha! Brea! ;)
    Sorry you're in so much pain, hopefully that lightens up a bit for you. Hang in there!

  2. A very appropriate post on a day that I am walking with a limp because my right hip hurt all night! Sorry your knee and wrist are acting up on ya! Bummer! How cute is Lola with her paws on you!

  3. Video was classic. Sorry about the aches and pains but awesome you can feel the boys moving around!

  4. oh. So that explains the knees...good to know! Glad she got to feel them kick! I bet having two in there makes it twice as fun trying to figure out where they are and who is who!

  5. Thanks for the update..sorry that you're in pain, you're more than halfway through. Lets go babies!


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