Monday, March 12, 2012


So remember that post the other day when I said that this pregnancy hasn't had any complications other than GDM.  Well, that's no longer true, unfortunately.

We had an appointment with our awesome OB, Dr. G, this afternoon.  Now that I'm past 20 weeks, I have to pee in a cup for a urine dip before every appointment.  Even though I haven't had any problems other than swelling in my hands and feet (all of which I thought was normal), for some reason today when he walked in and asked if I had any questions or concerns my first thought was that urine dip.  Maybe it was having just learned I nearly doubled my weight gain in less than three weeks?  Maybe it was just my nursing instincts kicking in?  Either way, that was when I learned the not-so-fun news.  My urine dip showed 2+ glucose and protein, which means that I'm spilling a lot of sugar and protein into my urine.  Neither is good.  

My GDM thus is still uncontrolled, so my glyburide will probably be increased and more than likely I will have to be put on insulin.  Dr. G just wants to see my sugars for the rest of this week - since I've been a very bad patient and haven't been keeping track lately.  Guess these last two or three weeks of eating out, parties (we had both our baby showers within two weeks of each other), and cravings haven't done me any justice either.  Time to get it back under control.

Now protein in the urine can mean multiple things, but it is most indicative of pre-eclampsia.  Especially when connected with high blood pressure and sudden weight gain.  Fortunately, my blood pressure is staying normal.  The weight gain?  Well, six pounds out of 14 gained in less than three weeks is significant.  So possibly two out of three?  Makes me a bit nervous.  Now I'm on modified bed rest - spending most of my day sitting and/or laying down and only allowed to "putter" around the house.  I'm anxious to get my lab results.  Here is where I hope my liver enzymes and creatinine are normal.  Here is where I am hoping I'm okay and the bed rest alone will help.  I don't want to develop anything more serious.  So I hope hope hope ...


  1. Sorry you have run into some complications! Bummer but at least you can prepare and do some relaxing! I know I said it before but if you guys need anything, say the words!

  2. Oh boy I have my fingers crossed things are good. Hang in there. Take care.

  3. Oh no. I'm so sorry you're having problems--the swelling is no fun on its own, much less as an indicator of something else. Hopefully you'll be able to get it all under control in no time!

  4. So sorry you're having problems... I hope all will get under control. Take care.


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